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It Turns Out You Really Were Moving the Thing on the Ouija Board

first_imgA new study hooked up eye trackers to people who were using a Ouija board, and the researchers found that, yeah, everyone was pushing it a little bit.  Sorry to ruin your first experience with crossovers from the spirit world. Remember that slumber party when you were a kid where someone busted out the Ouija board . . . it spelled out some random stuff . . . and then you took turns accusing each other of pushing the thing to affect the results? Well . . . it turns out you were all guilty.last_img

#Nextchat: Entering the Workforce – Ready or Not

first_imgReady or not, here they come.In just a few months, the Class of 2017 will be taking the full-time leap into the workforce.Starting a new job can be awkward at any age, but even more so for new graduates—and all new young professionals—who are entering the workforce for the first time.Whether or not they’ve had internships or part-time jobs, new graduates and other young professionals are expected to arrive on the first day equipped with basic levels of interpersonal ability, critical thinking skills and professionalism.Some organizations are fortunate enough to hire great interns and convert them into full-time employees when they graduate. Other organizations are not so lucky and are finding that America’s college graduates are simply not prepared to enter the workforce.Survey after survey of U.S. employers show a gap between what employers expect from their new hires and what they’re actually getting.The Forbes article “Are Recent Grads Prepared for the Workplace?” reports that “Fewer than two in five managers believed college graduates are well-equipped for a job in their field of study, and less than half believed they could write clearly, manage a project, give a presentation, conduct a meeting or create a budget.”The SHRM online news article HR’s Hard Challenge: When Employees Lack Soft Skills reports that the soft skills needed in today’s workplace are becoming increasingly hard to find and that “Soft skills—which are needed to effectively communicate, problem-solve, collaborate and organize—are becoming more important for success as the workplace evolves socially and technologically. The rub is that recruiters and employment experts report a ‘soft skills gap,’ especially among young workers, more accustomed to texting than talking, that forces organizations to hire many candidates who fall short on interpersonal abilities.”So why are our high school and college graduates so unprepared for the workforce, and what can schools and employers do to help graduates gear up to enter the workforce?Please join @shrmnextchat at 3 p.m. ET on March 29 for a SHRM Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) #Nextchat with special guests YPAC member Jillian Caswell (@JillianACaswell) and Jessica Gofforth (@JessicaGofforth) and other members of the 2017 SHRM YPAC. We’ll chat about workforce readiness issues and how employers and HR can help.    What’s a Twitter Chat? Three Tools for Twitter Chats Q1. As an employer or manager, what skills do you notice are most deficient in today’s new graduates as they enter the workforce?Q2. As a young professional, what skills and behaviors did you realize you were most lacking when you started your first job?Q3. As an employer, what would you ask our schools to focus on as they educate and equip the future workforce?Q4. As an employer, how do you assess the workforce readiness of new graduates in the application or interview processes?Q5. What specific skills should young HR professionals come equipped with as they enter the workforce?Q6. In addition to internships, how can students gain the soft skills needed to enter the workforce? Q7. How can employers work with colleges and universities to help prepare students for the workforce? What is your organization doing?Q8. What workforce readiness advice do you have for new graduates preparing to enter the workforce? If you missed this #Nextchat on March 29, please click here for the RECAP. last_img read more

Zoho Mail Gets Offline Support via Google Gears – Ahead of Gmail

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… richard macmanus Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Innovative Web Office startup Zoho has beaten Google to the punch again, announcing offline support for the newly public Zoho Mail tonight. Ironically Zoho is using Google Gears to enable offline functionality in Zoho Mail – see the video below by the Google Developer team. Zoho also beat Google to offline support in online word processing, again using Gears, by launching that functionality in November 2007. Google followed up with offline support for Google Docs at the end of March 2008.We wrote in July about speculation that Google will start rolling out offline support for both Gmail and Google Calendar through Google Gears within the next six weeks. Didn’t happen. However Yahoo Mail did come up with offline functionality in July – it gave offline access to all free and paid Yahoo Mail users through the Yahoo Zimbra Desktop. Earlier this week Yahoo announced further Zimbra integration, this time with its Calendar app.So Google is well and truly behind the times with offline support for web mail. However the Google white coats are having a fine old time tinkering with mail stuff in their labs – tonight Google Labs announced Advanced IMAP Controls, which lets you “fine-tune your Gmail IMAP experience.” To be fair, Google probably isn’t worried about Zoho coming out with offline functionality in its mail product before Gmail has. For one thing Google is so big it can afford to wait until it’s good and ready, despite Gmail fans yearning for offline support! But also Google probably sees Zoho less as a competitor at this point (even though Zoho does compete directly against Google Apps) and more as an evangelist for its technology – such as Google Gears.To access mail offline in Zoho Mail, you’ll need Google Gears installed on your browser – at this point IE and Firefox are supported. Chrome and Safari support is coming. According to Zoho’s blog, you can also download images and attachments in offline mode. Another cool feature is that Zoho Mail automatically detects your connectivity and switches to online/offline modes.Here is the video, also available on Google Code blog: 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketcenter_img Tags:#enterprise#news#web Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Inside the ORC-Opioid Connection

first_imgQuiz an LP investigator about trends in ORC, and it’s nearly certain that he or she will mention the opioid crisis, the fact that drug addiction is a catalyst for a growing number of professional shoplifters. But does it matter? So what if a thief is stealing to get money to score drugs rather than pure profit? What, if any, are the implications for retail, loss prevention, and security strategy?Walter PalmerAt first, Walter Palmer CFI, CFE, said he wasn’t sure it did matter. After all, drug addiction has always been a driver of store theft. But his attitude changed as Palmer, executive vice president at CAP Index, began to see retailers take an increasing amount of heat for the opioid crisis. “We’ve received a lot of criticism, almost that we’re enablers of the opioid crisis, that we’re turning a blind eye to return fraud that’s fueling the crisis.”The criticism is unfair, said Palmer—who moderated the “Shoplifters, ORC, Shrinking Justice & Opioids: What’s a Retailer to Do?” session at the Retail Industry Leader Association’s 2018 Retail Asset Protection Conference—firstly because retailers are not the cause but the primary victims of addicts’ theft and additionally because retailers have made some significant shifts in return policies. Several major retailers have significantly tightened return policies to help eliminate the secondary market for cards, he noted, and have even gone so far as to associate nonreceipted returns with customer drivers’ licenses.- Sponsor – At the same time, retailers must still do right by their legitimate customers and are quick to draw fire if policies are judged too restrictive. “That’s when I really got interested. I thought, ‘Wow, this is tough,’” said Palmer. He added that while retailers draw criticism for perceived lax return policies, they don’t earn praise for all the measures and programs, such as medication disposal programs, that they do have and that go above and beyond what they’re required to do.How Retailers Can Address the Opioid Crisis On an industry level, then, the opioid issue has relevance for retailers. It suggests a need to promote how they are providing assistance to fight the crisis and fighting back against the suggestion that they’re somehow to blame for it.It also reinforces the importance of private-public partnerships to share information and to educate one another, according to Detective First Lieutenant James Grady in the Michigan State Police (MSP) fraud investigation section. Via MSP participation in the Michigan Regional Organized Crime Association, Grady says he’s heard firsthand from retailers about the impact of opioids on ORC and seen efforts by retailers to curb related fraud. “Those working groups have been vital to establishing relationships. But I’m a firm advocate that there is always room for improvement,” he said. But how about at the store level? Are there are implications here as well? Yes, according to several LP executives.ORC surveys conducted by the National Retail Federation have tracked an increase in violence associated with store theft that goes hand-in-hand with the growing number of professional shoplifters driven by the desperate need to ‘get well,’ suggested Brendan “Ben” Dugan, CFI, ORC and corporate investigator at CVS Heath. As a guest in February on CrimeScience, a bi-weekly podcast by the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), he said addicted offenders have a higher propensity for violence compared to other professional shoplifters and added that it’s not uncommon for them to be in possession of drugs or paraphernalia that enhances an already heightened desperation to escape if apprehended. LPRC director and podcast cohost Read Hayes, PhD, added that addicts could also be aggressive for pharmacological reasons, from sleep deprivation, or out of a desperate a need to settle debts. “There are so many angles,” he said. Listen to the podcast.Ben Dugan, ORC investigator at CVS Health (left), and Read Hayes of the LPRC discuss the effects of the opioid crisis on retail crime.The obvious upshot for LP executives is to ensure that policies and training are sufficient to protect store teams and customers in light of the threat, which may also warrant some less-apparent store-security measures. For example, Hayes noted that pharmacies in retail drug stores may need to consider how certificates are displayed so that pharmacists can’t be identified and put at personal risk by addicts angered at a refusal to fill a fake prescription. Another risk to consider, especially for stores with pharmacy operations, is the heightened likelihood of drug overdoses on premises, said Palmer.LP teams might also revisit where to implement heightened security measures as the crisis raises the risk of violence beyond city centers. “A lot of stores that are located out in the suburbs…are having to deal with something they’ve never had to deal with before,” said Dugan. “People who have been afflicted with this addiction are targeting our stores in those neighborhoods, which we’ve never seen before.” He added that it’s helpful to evaluate addiction as a possible motive during interviews as it can inform the most effective strategy for conducting them.LP executives might also find it worthwhile to assess if incidents involving addicts are being correctly regarded and investigated as ORC, according to an investigator for a national retail chain in an interview with LP Magazine. “Retailers have had to reeducate some of their in-store AP teams to not dismiss their incidents due to the fact that drug users are the ones taking the product. They can be quick to say that they’re just being hit by drug users and are not thinking about the next level fence that is driving the demand,” he said. “ORC has many levels and layers, and loss prevention teams need to be reminded that when someone steals high-demand product that is not for personal use, there is usually a level of ORC involved.”Finally, while product protection strategy may not vary depending on the motive of professional shoplifters, identification of offenders may. Dugan said that the addict-shoplifter, because of his or her need to address a daily habit, tends to be more predictable and less strategic than a traditional booster counterpart. This fact can raise the value of predictive analytics and point-of-sale data for more timely identification of offenders.  Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Atletico Madrid seek glory against Barcelona in La Liga finale

first_imgAtletico Madrid leads with 89 points, three better than BarcelonaAtletico Madrid and Barcelona set up a winner-takes-all decider for the Spanish league title after both teams drew on Sunday, while Real Madrid lost to see its slim title hopes end.The title-deciding match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona will be played on Saturday at 6 pm(1600 GMT).Little-used defender Tobias Alderweireld headed home a corner kick for Atletico in the 74th minute to cancel out Samuel Garcia’s opener.Though Malaga finished with 10 men, Atletico failed to score a winner that would have secured a first league title in 18 years after Elche held Barcelona 0-0.Instead, Atletico travels to the Camp Nou next weekend for a dramatic finale to decide the champion.Atletico leads with 89 points, three better than Barcelona, which means a draw will be enough to pry the championship away from the defending champion, which must win to retain its title.”We still believe in this team. We’re Atletico and we’re going to go there to win,” Atletico captain Gabi Fernandez said. “We’re used to playing in finals.”Madrid, which has 84 points, limped out of the league race following a poor showing in Vigo, where a pair of turnovers allowed Charles to score both goals in a 2-0 win.Madrid faces Atletico in the Champions League final and played as if it was already looking ahead to Lisbon as defensive mistakes by Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso allowed Charles to net easily in each half. Cristiano Ronaldo was sidelined with an injury and Gareth Bale was on the bench, while Sami Khedira and Alvaro Arbeloa returned from long injuries to play.advertisementAtletico’s attack looked disjointed early on without leading scorer Diego Costa, with replacement David Villa unable to finish three good scoring opportunities – including early on when the Spain striker found the crossbar.Raul Garcia headed well wide with only Willy Caballero to beat, and the Malaga ‘keeper made key stops from Villa and substitute Diego Ribas after the break.Thibaut Courtois rushed out to cut off Roque Santa Cruz’s solo effort on the hour mark, but the Atletico goalkeeper’s mix-up with defender Miranda allowed Samuel Garcia to get free to head home the opener.With nerves starting to creep in, Alderweireld – filling in for the suspended Diego Godin – leapt high to head home a corner that allowed home fans to exhale.Marcos Angeleri’s second yellow card left Malaga with 10 men from the 88th, and Atletico pushed forward as Jose Sosa’s free kick narrowly missed the target before Caballero made a leaping finger-tip stop to Adrian Lopez’s curling shot.”It’s going to be an important game for the club,” Atletico coach Diego Simeone said. “We’ve reached the last round three points above Barcelona – nobody would have believed we had a chance to win, but here we are, alive still.”Barcelona, which counted itself out of the title race only eight days ago, came out at Elche with intention but eventually seemed to settle for its result when word of Malaga’s first goal arrived.Andres Iniesta volleyed a shot off the crossbar early on before goalkeeper Manu Herrera got a touch to Lionel Messi’s effort in the 38th to tip it around the far post. Herrera denied Messi again after the restart, but the defending champions barely threatened again.”It’s going to be a great week ahead and for some of us it could be our last game with Barca so it would be a nice way to go out,” Barcelona defender Javier Mascherano said.Atletico hasn’t lost to Barcelona this season, drawing in four matches before finally beating the Catalans in the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.Two teams will join Real Betis in being relegated to the second division on the last day after Almeria and Getafe secured victories to improve their chances of staying up. Real Valladolid allowed Betis to rally back three times before eventually losing 4-3 to the last-place club.Almeria, which won 2-0 at Granada, and Getafe – a 1-0 winner over Sevilla – share 39 points.Granada has 38 points ahead of its finale at Valladolid, which is tied on 36 points with Osasuna in the final two drop places. Osasuna drew 1-1 at Espanyol.Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad drew 1-1 in a Basque derby.last_img read more

9 months agoAthletic Bilbao push to sign Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Athletic Bilbao push to sign Tottenham striker Fernando Llorenteby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAthletic Bilbao are pushing to sign Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente.Llorente is eager for more action and Bilbao hope to re-sign the centre-forward this month, says El Correo.Bilbao now plan to go on ‘full offensive’ to bring Llorente back to Spain.The 33 year-old is off contract in June and has spoken of an ambition to play again for Bilbao.New Athletic president Aitor Elizegi has said Garitano deserves to work with a ‘reinforced squad in full’ and has given his approval to the pursuit of a new striker. last_img

9 months agoLiverpool boss Klopp: What I want from an attacking midfield signing

first_imgLiverpool boss Klopp: What I want from an attacking midfield signingby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has detailed what he is seeking in an attacking midfield signing.The Reds were linked heavily with a new attacking midfielder last summer following the January departure of Philippe Coutinho and had agreed a deal with Lyon for Nabil Fekir before the plug was pulled on the transfer.”Football changed in the last 20-30 years so you don’t rely on one player on the pitch anymore,” said Klopp, talking on a New Balance Football promotional video. “It has changed massively.”They are today rather offensive players, changing the game, demanding the game, dominating the game.”You need a lot of skills to do that, you need to be technically really close to perfect because to make the right decision at the right moment you should not waste time with controlling the ball to be honest.”The most difficult thing in football is making perfect decisions under timed pressure.”It looks so easy and it’s so difficult so you should not think about that, you have to do it instinctively.”It’s today the kind of number eight on the pitch, they have the ball most often, they pass most often and so they make most of the decisions or at least they are involved in most of the decisions.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

14 days agoArsenal striker Aubameyang named Premier League player of the month

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Arsenal striker Aubameyang named Premier League player of the monthby Paul Vegas14 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been named Premier League player of the month for September.The Gunners star, 30, scored five times in his four top-flight appearances in September, including a double in the 2-2 draw at Watford and a north-London derby strike against Tottenham.His most recent strike came in the 1-1 draw at Manchester United , a goal which was awarded via VAR and eventually took his tally for the Premier League campaign to seven goals.The Gabon international beat Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, Tottenham’s Son Heung-min and and City’s Riyad Mahrez to the award. last_img read more

Photos: Fighting Irish Community Is Mourning The Loss Of Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, Ex-Notre Dame President Who Died At 97

first_imgMemorial to Notre Dame's Reverend Theodore Hesburgh.One of the best men in the history of the University of Notre Dame has passed away, as Rev. Theodore Hesburgh died late Thursday on the South Bend, Ind., campus. He was 97. Father Hesburgh was Notre Dame’s president from 1952-87, helping develop the school into one of the country’s most powerful academic institutions. He is well known for his influence with U.S. presidents on civil rights and other issues of the 20th century. A 14-story library at Notre Dame is named after Hesburgh. Friday morning, the Fighting Irish community is mourning the loss of their former leader. Brian Kelly’s press conference to announce new assistants has been pushed to Monday in wake of death of Fr. Hesburgh— Chris Hine (@ChristopherHine) February 27, 2015Students have been gathering at the Grotto to remember and pray for Fr. Hesburgh. pic.twitter.com/WPCYFcPNPc— Notre Dame (@NotreDame) February 27, 2015IN has lost a man of unwavering faith, profound vision & monumental virtue in the passing of @NotreDame Father Theodore Hesburgh.— Governor Mike Pence (@GovPenceIN) February 27, 2015RIP Father Hesburgh, you were a true pioneer and nobody could ever come close to replacing you.— John Swift (@jswift98) February 27, 2015Rev. Hesburgh helped create a small piece of Heaven at Notre Dame. My personally signed ‘God, Country, Notre Dame’. pic.twitter.com/ocadYG9OVv— Joel DeLorge (@JoelDeLorge) February 27, 2015A giant of a man, educator and priest has passed. RIP Rev. Hesburgh. Guided ND athletics for decades.— Dennis Dodd (@dennisdoddcbs) February 27, 2015RPI, Rev Hesburgh your positive impact was enormous ! You were a giant in this lifetime and a true servant of God!!! You will be missed !!— Bill Kenney (@CoachKenneyWMU) February 27, 2015“Women ought to have the same opportunities to develop their talents as men do.” Thank you for all the opportunities, Fr. Hesburgh.— Kate Harrington (@kharrin12) February 27, 2015Every Catholic social justice leader today owes a debt of gratitude to Fr. Hesburgh. His faith fired his activism for civil rights and peace— John Gehring (@gehringdc) February 27, 2015In the pride of Catholic higher education, Fr. Hesburgh was our lion, says Fr. Holtschneider, president #DePaul. pic.twitter.com/jz0A6E7hMM— DePaul University (@DePaulU) February 27, 2015Fr. Hesburgh made @NotreDame coed, changing the lives of 1000s of women, including mine. #ThankYouFrTed pic.twitter.com/HfzrBLcMoo— Anne Thompson (@annenbcnews) February 27, 2015Father Hesburgh has passed / one of the most impressive men I ever met / May he RIP— Dick Vitale (@DickieV) February 27, 2015Rest in peace, Father Hesburgh.last_img read more