Nowhere to Go

first_imgWhen the world is confronting one of its greatest crises of Corona Virus spreading, disregarding all the personal freedom we enjoy, we’re bound to follow some discipline in our personal lives. More than the benefits we enjoy our duties and responsibilities as citizens should take the front seats now. Most of the countries have asked their citizens and other visitors to isolate themselves from getting together and stay home as much as possible with a minimum of two to three weeks. Everyone is urged to practice social distancing to keep the virus from spreading to other people. They are to be considered as the most urgent and sought after actions we can take at this crucial time.There’s a general tendency among people that the virus will not catch them as they didn’t travel to any other places except their grocery shops and shopping malls. Many of the social media show pictures of people gathering in parks and private parties. These are blatant violations of social distancing which is very essential for curbing the virus spread. Since the people do not seem to be taking it seriously, the rulers of certain countries took it a bit harder in their approaches by imposing heavier fines than what they had earlier. Some of the provinces in Canada have even decided to issue tickets up to $ 1000 to those who break the rules. As per the existing rules of the Province of Ontario, even a crowding of 50 people are legal now which is not in line with the rules of other provinces. It’s better and easy to control if there’s a uniform law in a country in facing the crisis.There are no strict screenings at the airports on those returning from their vacations. This makes visitors and citizens to freely travel. Although they are all reminded of self isolations they look so unconcerned and seem to have taken it very lightly. This should change. There should be strict screening facilities in all international and domestic airports and those who get caught should be sent to isolation points with serious monitoring.India has declared a nationwide lockout which is the highest of its kind towards curbing the virus spread.It’s high time the moral duties of people are to be converted into legal obligations.last_img

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