Brussels to Donald Trump: This ain’t no hellhole

first_imgBrussels residents have taken to Twitter to slam Donald Trump for calling the city a “hellhole.”They posted pictures of parks, famous landmarks such as the Atomium and the Grand Place, and local delicacies like chocolates and waffles, using the hashtag #hellhole.The American tycoon lashed out at Brussels in an interview with Fox Business Network Tuesday. “I was in Brussels a long time ago, 20 years ago, so beautiful, everything is so beautiful — it’s like living in a hellhole right now,” he said. The city’s reputation has suffered in the wake of the Paris attacks in November, with many of those involved linked to the city and especially the trouble neighborhood of Molenbeek.The tourist board launched a campaign to improve the city’s image, and the Belgian government is leading a charge to boost the country’s reputation abroad.Here are some of our favorite responses to Trump on social media:How can I stand to live in such a hell-ish place? #hellhole— Emily Barker (@EFBarker) January 27, 2016 I love my #hellhole @realDonaldTrump greetings from hell. We have lots of waffles. Hell is nice. #hellhole— Lauren Donovan (@LaurenDTV) January 27, 2016 #hellhole— Berlaymonster (@Berlaymonster) January 27, 2016 #hellhole indeed, Mr. #Trump: #Brussels is ‘like a hellhole’ via @POLITICOEurope Yeah, guess any place with history before 1492 looks like a #hellhole. Right, @realDonaldTrump? #Brussels— Livia Văduva (@shamrockraver) January 27, 2016 Sometimes it snows here in Brussels too #hellhole— Marianne F-H (@Aunty_Marianne) January 27, 2016 Trump #ButtHole calls Brussels a #HellHole. Really?— Mark Johnston (@mark_johnston) January 27, 2016 We don’t take #Hellhole questions today. Thank you for your understanding. #MiddayFollies— Minion Andreva (@MinionAndreva) January 27, 2016 You could always #callbrussels to see it’s not a #hellhole …— Felix Leinemann (@EUmoveDC) January 27, 2016 Some of my favourite places in Brussels, aka #hellhole, as Trump calls it. Lived there for four years, had a blast.— Claire Barthelemy (@cbtly) January 27, 2016 — Mihaela Popa (@pmichaela89) January 27, 2016 Also On POLITICO Donald Trump: Brussels is ‘like a hellhole’ By Cynthia Kroetlast_img

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