Cavaliers Fan Gets Canned After Sending Vulgar and Hateful Tweets to Steph Curry’s Sister

first_img Related TopicsCavsSteph Curry They call it ‘keyboard muscles.’ It’s the act of getting on some sort of social media and become a bully to someone or even to a group of people, since (let’s face it) there’s usually never any real consequences.That’s not the case for one Cavs fan, who was fired from their job after sending homophobic and vulgar tweets to Steph Curry’s sister, which included Curry’s three-year-old daughter, Riley.USA Today’s For the Win had the screen shot of the exchange that the Twitter user – softcarmelkiss – sent to Curry’s sister Sydel.Wow.This is right on par with another goof who walked around Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night before the game, WITH HIS MOM, and told off people wearing Golden State jerseys, dropping ‘f’ bombs to them and just being an overall idiot. The tweets of those exchanges have since been deleted, but it doesn’t take away the fact it really happened. The sad thing is, this type of behavior seems to be encouraged more and more on twitter, and no matter how big of a Cavs fan you are, there’s no justification for this kind of behavior, live or on social media.In the case of softcarmelkiss, this person paid a hefty price for their bullying, as their employer, Holton-Wise Property Group tweeted that the user had been fired.The companies owner put out a letter to the Curry family after the incident.Apology for the #Cavs fan who was fired for harassing @sydelcurry & @itsRileyCurry @warriorsworld @BroBible— James Wise (@jameswiseHWPG) June 9, 2016Curry’s sister responded with a ‘thank you’ after the tweet from the [email protected] thank you for your apology. All is well. God bless— Sydel Curry (@sydelcurry) June 9, 2016There’s being a fan, and then there’s taking it too far, and clearly in the case of softcarmelkiss (by the way anyone else think that name is creepy for a guy on twitter) he paid a dear price just to try to have a few minutes of fame and be a fan in all the wrong ways. Matt Loedecenter_img Matt Loede has been a part of the Cleveland Sports Media for over 21 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and even high school and college events. He has been a part of the Cleveland Indians coverage since the opening of Jacobs/Progressive Field in 1994, and spent two and a half years covering the team for 92.3 The Fan, and covers them daily for Associated Press Radio. You can follow Matt on Twitter HERE.last_img

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