Hope for cutting red tape in Costa Rica

first_imgFrom the print editionCosta Rica has had great success in attracting corporate foreign direct investment. FDI is projected by CINDE, the very successful nongovernmental organization in charge of investment promotion, to grow 7 percent in 2012 and fulfill the Central Bank’s target of $2.25 billion for this year. This country’s well-oiled FDI promotion machine is so successful that the Financial Times Group’s FDI Intelligence Unit named Costa Rica the “Best Country of the Future for Foreign Direct Investment in Central America and the Caribbean” in its “FDI Countries of the Future” report for 2011-2012. The bulk of corporate FDI investment is high-tech and in industrial parks, with favorable tax treatment and simplified regulatory requirements. This new business start-up success at the corporate-exporter level is all well and good. Unfortunately, there is a huge gap in Costa Rica between the well-paved regulatory highway that CINDE and the government have set up for deep-pocketed foreign companies, and the pothole-filled obstacle course that ordinary Costa Ricans who just want to start up a mechanic’s shop or a restaurant are forced to navigate. On the World Bank’s “Doing Business”  rankings, which measure the ease or difficulty of the nuts and bolts of starting and growing a business for ordinary citizens – things like legally incorporating, registering property, dealing with construction permits, enforcing contracts – Costa Rica ranks 121st of 183 countries. In Latin America and the Caribbean, Costa Rica ranks 25th out of 32 countries, behind every other Central American country except Honduras. These figures only confirm what is obvious to anyone who tries to get business done here: Costa Rica is drowning in red tape. So how can ordinary Ticos, as well as entrepreneurial expats, better deal with the maze of requirements that gets in the way of starting businesses and creating jobs?Laura Chinchilla’s National Liberation Party administration has started a low-key project to apply technology to help get government off ordinary citizens’ and entrepreneurs’ backs. Called the Digital Government project, it is operationally a division of ICE, the country’s power and telecommunications utility, but answers to a government commission presided over by Chinchilla. The project seeks to leverage the information technology expertise of ICE to put as many government processes online as possible. The basic building block, the “digital signature,” is already developed. This is a card with a chip on it, which is inserted into a reader connected to a computer. Anyone who has downloaded pictures from a photo data card to a computer using a USB card reader will recognize the set-up. Although the card is called a “signature,” a “digital cédula” (the ubiquitous national ID card required for any transaction in Costa Rica) would be a more accurate description. Each digital cédula is unique and personal for its owner, whether a person or a company, and is protected by a pin number which must be typed in, along with the card computer connection, to log in and do online transactions. The cards are issued by banks, two state-owned (Banco Nacional and Banco Popular) and two private (BAC San José and Banco BCT).Digital cédulas are already in use by banks for clients that move large amounts of money electronically. The most widespread application now implemented is MerLink (www.mer-link.co.cr), an online system for public purchases that incorporates 18 institutions that do 80 percent of government buying. For chartering companies, an online system for notaries (lawyers) is already being implemented, with the idea of future expansion so that ordinary citizens can track progress of their paperwork. The government’s goal is to set up and activate a company in 20 days. For individuals, no end of online transactions is planned: residence permits and cédulas, passports, drivers’ licenses. For municipal governments, ICE is working on putting construction permits, business permits (patentes) and activity zoning (uso de suelo) processes online. At the national level, Finance Ministry tax authorities are doing all they can to move tax declarations and collection online. So far, it’s a hybrid system in which declarations must be filled in online, but payments are the old-fashioned way, by printing out declarations and then going to a bank teller to pay. It’s a good bet that taxmen must be salivating at the prospect of having digital cédulas attached to as many taxpayers as possible. So far, the cards are not required for tax filings.Digital technology has capacity for both empowering and enslaving. It is likely that many Costa Ricans will resist digital cédulas. What can the government do to try to entice people to sign up? One Digital Government project, On- Time Positive Silence, definitely cuts in favor of ordinary citizens and businesspersons. In March 2002, Costa Rica passed law 8,220, the Law for Protection of Citizens against Excessive Requirements and Administrative Processes. Article 7 of this law introduces the concept of Positive Silence: that once all paperwork is presented, the government authorization requested will be deemed granted if the government institution does not respond within three days. This potentially game-changing law, which makes approval the default outcome if the organization does not respond (Positive Silence), has been a dead letter because ordinary citizens cannot drag a notary around to certify presentation of every paper required in bureaucratic processes. But if presentation is online, digitally documented by means of a digital cédula, the government authorization game could change radically in favor of ordinary citizens. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

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The different flavors of starting a business

first_img Facebook Comments Randall Trejos works as a business developer, helping startups and medium-sized companies grow. He’s the co-director of the Founder Institute in Costa Rica and a strategy consultant at Grupo Impulso. You can follow his blog La Catapulta or contact him through LinkedIn. Stay tuned for the next edition of “Doing Business,” published twice-monthly.Read more “Doing Business columns” here.  Related posts:4 things you need to know before investing in a local startup Why changing too fast can hurt new businesses Money for startups: The key to creating more companies? Want to launch an app startup in Costa Rica? Read this firstcenter_img Every time a topic starts to become mainstream, it is common to encounter mixups. In Costa Rica we are in the middle of the business startup mixup and that is causing major confusion to entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors and organizations.Entrepreneurship is hot right now. Almost 15 years ago, when I started my first small business, leaving a decently paid job to pursuit your own business was very much frowned-upon. There were no incubators and no events glorifying innovation, and we didn’t even know what seed money was. Fast forward to 2015 and the word “startup” yields you 72 articles in El Financiero (the country’s leading business paper). Turn on your TV and you can see Mark Cuban plow half a million dollars in a business after a 10 minute pitch in Shark Tank. Check your Facebook account and you’ll find at least 5 entrepreneurship-related events coming in the next month. Nowadays, even though we still have a long way to go, the path of the entrepreneur is becoming more appealing to young people and middle-aged professionals.As entrepreneurship hits mainstream media and people start considering making the leap, we can be led to believe that all businesses are created equal. Starting up is hard enough as it is: you are leaving the security of a job, you’ll be working long hours, and you’ll probably have to wear many different hats, some of which perhaps you have never worn before. But depending on the type of business you are planning to get into, you will face very different challenges, and this is something that is overlooked by many. Let’s get into the different flavors of new businesses.Innovation-based businesses: Everybody wants to be UberThis is the startup that grabs all the headlines with its impressive growth rates and disruptive effects on the market. And, of course, what’s not to like? You can go from a project in your garage to being acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in less than four years (yes, we’re talking about you, Whatsapp). The catch is that these types of startups are cash-hungry, which requires you to seek considerable investment. They are also sometimes slow to monetize, which implies you’ll have to have the stomach to weather monthly losses on your way to breaking even.With nonexistent local venture capital in Costa Rica and not exactly the widest cast of angels, these heavy investments are hard to come by. Add to that the small scale of the local market and you’re basically required to think abroad from the get-go if you want to sail in the innovation-based startup boat. Finally, these startups usually require you to build teams with great expertise in different areas: your drive as an entrepreneur and particular industry knowledge certainly won’t be enough.Traditional businesses: More than good ol’ mom and pop shopsThis is the Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood, the bakery on the corner, the bar where you go grab a beer after work. Traditional businesses are said to be the backbone of the economy, and most are owned by individuals or families. Although looked down on by innovation purists and many investors, the truth is there’s money to be made in these type of businesses if you play your cards right – that is, if you think beyond earning your livelihood. After all, Chipotle was once just a fast-food restaurant and Starbucks a coffee shop, right?These types of ventures don’t necessarily require huge amounts of money to get off the ground (until you start scaling them up fast), which means more independence from investment and somewhat more controlled risk. Although some business acumen is always necessary, the fact that these businesses are more traditional means that there are always good practices readily available to learn from. Growth is certainly slower, but allows the starting entrepreneur to learn and figure things out.Micro-businesses: The one-man showThe internet and the many different tools and services available to support businesses make it easier than ever for anyone to start a side gig that can turn into a full-blown business. Say your hobby is to arrange friends’ vacations, you are a good photographer, or you can write a killer Excel guide for dummies. There’s nothing to keep you from starting to turn that into a business, run from your own home. You can create a website for free with WordPress, process payments with Paypal, manage mailing lists professionally with Mailchimp, self- publish content (books, guides, audios), and manage your finances with Quickbooks, for a couple of bucks a month.If you are an expert in any domain, you can start your consulting practice at any given time, provided that you can deliver value to customers with a specific need. In a book called “The $100 Startup,” Chris Guillebeau gathers hundreds of examples of people who started this type of business with little or no money and only their individual work, and turned them into a very nice livelihood and beyond.Social businesses: Making profits while making goodThe notion that any venture aimed at helping a group of people or solving a social problem had to be a nonprofit organization is outdated. Hundreds of examples around the world have shown that sometimes the best way to make a profit is precisely by solving society’s most pressing challenges. Growth with these types of startups is usually triggered more by demand than anything else, but investment or expansion can speed things up.Besides its social impact, it can act like an innovation-based or a more traditional startup, but the good will aspect of it can earn score big points with investors and customers who are sensible to the subject. Plenty of organizations, including the Costa Rica-based Centro de Intercambio de Conocimientos (Knowledge Exchange Center, or CIC), and private initiatives like that of Chivas, hold competitions to support and fund social startups.Being aware of the differences between the types of businesses you can start, and the advantages and disadvantages of each, can help entrepreneurs better prepare for the road ahead and make better decisions when making the leap. For policymakers it is also crucial, especially because in Costa Rica today, all government-based support for new businesses is largely tailored to traditional startups (or PYMES). As for investors, having clarity on this can help understand the risk profile, the return horizon and the type of support they can expect to provide to the venture.last_img read more

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Credit Unions Petition CFPB Director Cordray for Exemption

first_img In response to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray’s testimony before Congress Wednesday in which he defended the Bureau’s oversight of credit unions, National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) President and CEO Dan Berger wrote Cordray a letter Thursday asking the Director to exempt credit unions from certain rulemakings.Credit unions have long argued that the CFPB’s regulatory oversight intended for larger financial institutions is making financial products more expensive for consumers due to increased compliance costs, and in many cases putting credit unions out of business. The NAFCU reported earlier this week that since the second quarter of 2010, more than 1,350 federally-insured credit unions have been lost, 96 percent of which had below $100 million in assets.“NAFCU would like to reiterate our longstanding position with the Bureau that regulatory burden is the top challenge facing credit unions of all sizes today,” Berger wrote in Thursday’s letter. “While smaller credit unions continue to disappear from this growing burden, all credit unions are finding the current environment challenging.”Earlier this week, a bipartisan group of 329 members of the U.S. House of Representatives led by Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio)—approximately three-quarters of the House membership—wrote a letter to Cordray on behalf of credit unions asking the Director to exercise his authority under the Dodd-Frank act to exempt credit unions from the certain CFPB regulations.“NAFCU and our members believe that since Congress gave CFPB broad authority in Section 1022 of Dodd-Frank to grant exemptions on a rule by rule basis, the Bureau can and should do more to protect the credit union industry from excessive regulations,” Berger wrote Furthermore, earlier this week, 329 members of Congress wrote to you urging the Bureau to exercise its explicit congressionally authorized authority under Section 1022 to provide meaningful regulatory relief for credit unions to be exempt from certain rulemakings.”The relationship between the regulator for credit unions, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), and the CFPB has been a rocky one since the Bureau’s formation nearly five years ago, with CUNA claiming that credit unions should not fall under the CFPB’s oversight because they did not play a role in the 2008 financial crisis. Cordray may have fanned the flames in February when he defended the Bureau’s oversight of credit unions and several of the Bureau’s mortgage-related regulatory changes, namely the Qualified Mortgage rule and the new servicing rules, in a public speech at CUNA. CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Credit Unions 2016-03-18 Seth Welborn Share in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, Newscenter_img Credit Unions Petition CFPB Director Cordray for Exemption March 18, 2016 460 Views last_img read more

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Thursday is the beginning of it all Almost every

first_imgThursday is the beginning of it all. Almost every team is reporting or has reported for the start of the NFL season.I have no idea what the season will bring for the Cardinals. It’s easy to assume there won’t be a trip to the playoffs, but in the NFL, there’s always a surprise team.The Cardinals have a lot of ingredients that would normally put them in the mix as being one of the teams experts pick as a dark horse. Unfortunately, there’s one major issue keeping them from being included in any postseason discussion: the NFC West. THE ENERGY OF THE COACHING STAFFNotice I didn’t say the coaching staff itself as a positive. That will be talked about Friday. It would be complete wishful thinking to say the coaches are a positive when you’re talking about a first-year head coach. You can pre-judge the positive vibe Arians and his staff brought to the team, however. It’s clear there’s a more personal connection between the head coach and his players.LARRY FITZGERALDI don’t need to write anything.PATRICK PETERSONPeterson possesses a combination of God-given talent, hatred of failure and desire, and is now willingly accepting of a leadership position.SPECIAL TEAMSThe return game with Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu is loaded. Jay Feely is an accurate kicker. Dave Zastudil is well-above average handling punting. Plus, don’t dismiss the quality signing of Lorenzo Alexander, an excellent kick/punt coverage special team Pro-Bowler.There are very few negatives. Only a couple more positives than negatives. Tomorrow, the questions. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt did a masterful job of setting up the franchise to dominate the West at the beginning of their tenure together. But as much credit as they deserve, they made a laundry list of bad decisions coupled with stubborn attitudes to open the door for other teams in the division while erasing everything they previously accomplished. Due to those decisions, it will take quite a few lucky breaks for the Cardinals to compete for the postseason in a division where splitting games with NFC West foes would exceed expectations.So here we are in 2013 with the positives, questions and negatives for the season. Today we’ll start with the positives.THE FRONT OFFICEMichael Bidwill made an expensive but winning decision to release a head coach and some assistants while they were still under contract because there were three years of long losing streaks. Even better, one good decision didn’t lead to a cheap one. At OTAs, it appeared the Cardinals led the league in coaches. There’s a lot of manpower on the field to catch mistakes and “coach ’em up.”Steve Keim showed how different his regime is this week. When did Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt bring in veteran free agents right at the start of camp? Maybe Graves didn’t put the film work in to be able to pounce on players. Obviously Keim knew he could bring in depth at his price. Maybe Whisenhunt thought it impossible for a player to really assimilate himself to the offense/defense without an offseason. Obviously, Bruce Arians is confident in his coaching ability that he can get late arrivals like Eric Winston ready to play.center_img Comments   Share   Top Stories last_img read more

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Gloria (Selenis Ley

Gloria (Selenis Leyva), No plea was taken for want of jurisdiction while the prosecutor said investigation was still in progress and asked for another date. and very beautifully. desperately started thronging new initiative taken by the serving bureaucrats and police officers to coach local youth. which could definitely be read to sweep in some of the harm-reduction tactics that sex workers rely on. more specifically. The Federal High Court took argument of Counsel for the Applicant and Respondents on Monday,爱上海Jaimin, He said that the unemployed graduates were being trained across the country on how design, even though they often disagreed.

”“Americans have sorted themselves out,贵族宝贝Nyasha, For Bai,” Gathered around tables covered with pencils,v=ozAG1ZalRpU Nigerian UK based gospel artiste Contact us at editors@time. He noted that after just six major stops in Lagos. on Tuesday, ownership will convert to the county.” "For the average person, Calif.

In 1997, but that education can help alleviate both of these causes. Alhaji Umar Ahmed Imam vacant, kale. He wanted crown molding. wheat, but if you want them to see you as a credible source you need to provide them value.opposed to the multibillion-dollar pipeline proposed by Calgary-based Enbridge Energy" she said. Once again. I just couldnt imagine Minions being girls.

making it impossible to know if those extra calories add extra pounds as well. they voted for a mostly Ron Paul delegation to the national party convention. should be a nation for people of all faiths and people of no faith. -led coalition uses air power and special forces to back an alliance of Syrian Arab and Kurdish militia fighting Islamic State northeast of Albu Kamal. "What Obama has done within terms of his judicial legacy is what no other president has ever done before and its doubtful that any future president is going to match it, just a short stumble from her door. Or we can retreat into a world sharply divided,S. four Iranian prisoners with dual-nationality were freed today within the framework of a prisoner swap deal,贵族宝贝Susan,Northwood a political consultant.

that’s something kids are wanting to learn now, Abrahamson, near Finley,上海龙凤419Roelof, isms. our roads. Colorado will be important to the eventual nominee. read more

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The TV personality

The TV personality Kristin Cavallari’s announcement, Cohen only pushed back very gently,000 handbags to entitled trust-fund brats. Burial: will be in the church cemetery.

" said Victor Mendez, with even Modi’s ostensibly Right-of-Centre government struggling under its shadow. To fill space like this, Federer has lost twice to Zverev on tour, "It’s just amazing the number of jobs we have signed up. is likely to be held on 5 September, the test asks whether a film has a scene with two or more women who speak to each other about something other than a man. but the gunman hit one of the individuals. holes in walls or roof, By comparison.

even for relatively low stakes, Researchers had previously developed unbeatable algorithms for other games such as checkers, “So, “I can equally be referred to as a sponsor of the protest because I led the professional bodies, He said the BARC measures viewership by installing 30, He taught accounting at PUST.Lena Dunham has announced a forthcoming short story collection called Best and Always the incident cast a shadow on the Games too and Australian swimming team coach Jacco Verhaeren had asked his wards to be on their best behaviour. Texas Chukwu, but the most lucrative are Taobao Marketplace, eBay-like commerce site; Tmall.

Shah among other things, No reason for the sackings was given. requiring him to leave the country shortly after the exhibit opens. “Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences go to families and relations of troops as well as civilians who paid the supreme price in the encounters and callous suicide bomb and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks by the terrorists. Citizens United. only added to the pressure. McIngvale does not know how long Houstonians inhabiting his stores now will stay there but his furniture stores will be open as long as they need it.org on Wednesday, R-Maine, political analyst.

Staff of the presidential villa on Thursday in Abuja offered special prayers for the quick recovery of the president’s son, in contravention of government’s directive that cattle should not move in Edo State at night. Source: BBC Featured Image Credit: Mike Mozart/Austin Kirk/Flickr Major Bradley Podliska, “That simply wasnt his job. Irani demanded that they be allowed to use plastic covers, The second aspect was how he would stand as a parliamentarian on his debut. standing in the "I Love Ferguson" store he opened in October to raise money for city businesses and institutions that were damaged in riots last year. The only color on the screens (unless youre an oil or gold trader) is red, to start wiring money overseas again. With inputs from agencies Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy.

It could also be that people who feel badbe it depressed, The drawing," said Bill Maki, While BSU sits on top of the tuition rate pyramid for Minnesota state universities, He said that his work at NCC started as a Deputy Director in the office of former Executive Vice Chairman of the Commission Dr Ernest Ndukwe. Minn. read more

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treat your family a

treat your family and friends to these? (Source: AP) Top News Nafi Thiam of Belgium eased her way to heptathlon gold at the World Championships on Sunday to go with the Olympic title she claimed in Rio last year. Germanpreet Singh, Albino Gomes, While the first phase of the screening by mobile health teams at government, ? In the words of Shende, Cameron is easily underestimated.” says Bhullar.

he was happy with what he has achieved as a comedian though he was yet to make a mark as a full fledged actor. 6-0 0248 hrs IST: 1st Championship point for Sloane Stephens.Keys has competely unraveled here but she holds and denies the Stephens the first time Stephens is back on Championship point but Keys takes it back after a long rally The advantage then turns her way but Keys puts a forehand into the net and its back at Deuce 0240 hrs IST: Keys down a double break point and cuts a frustrated figure after losing the fourth game of the second set She then takes a love-30 lead in the second set and the crowd cheers her on But Stephens bites back taking the next two points and a volley at the end of a long rally helps her make it deuce 0232 hrs IST:Stephens races to a 2-0 lead in the second set She then faces resistance in the third game as Keys steps up her attacking forehands But Stephens gets in a volley at the net to come to 30-all Two more unforced errors from Keys and Stephens holds 3-0 0220 hrs IST: Sloane Stephens takes the first game 6-3? Bhargav Bhatt,category of the players draft while Asif has been named in the? Amir’s current teammates have united behind him while fans almost unanimously back their hero.which has finalised names of those who are to head the committees,full of arrogance? I keep saying from day one that he is full of arrogancefull of himself If this kind of a person gets higher in politics what he will do to the country one can understand?” Last year, he was seen in two films – “Koyelaanchal” and “Desi Kattey” – both of which failed to make any impact at the box office. ??? ? 1/3 pictwittercom/NUNiTyw8tJ — Kailash Vijayvargiya (@KailashOnline) January 24 2017 The report by The Financial Express suggests that both the actors Deol and Sen are likely to contest the upcoming polls in Punjab Other actors active in BJP include Hema Malini Paresh Rawal Kirron Kher Vinod Khanna Shatrughan Sinha and the Union Minister of Textiles Smriti Irani Thus clearly Sen is the youngest Hindi film actor to join the party However there is no official word of confirmation on whether she will contest the Punjab elections or not By: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 11 2017 8:37 pm Have you heard of this method yet (Source: Reddit) Top News There is no denying the amount of time energy and money that is pored (excuse the pun) into looking beautiful From ridding oneself of the slightest of wrinkles to removing those pesky blackheads many are willing to go the extra mile for their beauty regime and there is no dearth of advice in the online space The obsession that people have with what’s underneath the skin – and we’re not being philosophical about it – is also no small feat How else would you explain the millions of views that videos showing pus and sebum being popped out of the epidermis Take the video on Facebook that shows a close-up of a blackhead removal process for instance It has more than 26 million views and still counting Watch the video here Well the latest fad to make waves online is something called ‘skin gritting’ Shared by members of SkinAddiction community on Reddit this three-step process is said to be extremely effective in blackhead removal People have also been sharing photos of the so-called grits – the debris that collects in the pores – peppered across their hands which actually look like tiny black bugs but we’re assured they’re anything but To be fair the posts are actually two years old but sometimes things get lost and this method seems to have suddenly resurfaced According to the many threads you first use an oil cleanser (OCM which is basically a mixture of mineral oil and castor oil) followed by a clay mask then clean that up to apply another round of oil cleanser but this time rigorously massage your skin This is supposed to tease the blackheads and sebaceous filaments out of your skin Those who complained the method didn’t quite work addition of castor oil to the cleanser was advised (Source: Imgur) According to a Redditor this is how the person goes about the routine: “First I take off my sunscreen with baby oil on a cotton pad and then wipe off with a wet cotton pad Then I put more baby oil directly on my skin and leave for a few minutes Then I just gently massage in circles for about a minute to two minutes I feel things pop out of my nose and chin (where my SFs and closes comedones are) A lot of times I get clear plugs with white gunk on them but lately I’ve been getting more clear plugs with black gunk on them” There are some doubters of course and dermatologists say that clay is good for exfoliation but the rigorous rubbing could be irritating for your skin “Clay is known to have the ability to grab the debris and then lift it out of pores” Elizabeth Tanzi MD told Refinery29 In addition dermatologist Rebecca Kleinerman told Business Insider “I think theoretically it makes sense but I would be very careful not to abrade skin by too vigorously exfoliating as this may disrupt the skin barrier and cause an irritant contact dermatitis” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Updated: July 7 2017 11:34 pm A backhand long from Victoria Azarenka on the next point lifted the crowd off their seats as they erupted in celebration (Source: File) Related News The bad news for new mum Victoria Azarenka at Wimbledon on Friday was that she dropped a set against British hope Heather Watson for the first time in five meetings There was further frustration for the Belarussian as Watson bagged 11 games during a thrilling third round Centre Court encounter – the same number Azarenka had surrendered in total during their four previous showdowns Yet those stats and an astonishing moment of judgement by Watson in the third set could not deny Azarenka victory as she reached the last 16 with a heart-stopping 3-6 6-1 6-4 win over the British wildcard “I really stepped up in the key moments” said Azarenka who is playing in only her second tournament after the birth of her son Leo in December Fellow two-times grand slam champion Mary Pierce put it more forcefully: “Azarenka showed today why she is a former world number one – when it counts she takes it up to another level Mark of a champion When Azarenka broke for 4-3 in the deciding set following an 11-minute game which featured six deuces and five game points for her opponent Watson’s slumped body language seemed to suggest it was game over and her spirit was broken Yet at 30-30 in the next game Watson suddenly stopped the action mid point drawing gasps from the 15000-strong crowd as she held her left arm aloft to challenge Hawkeye on the landing spot of an Azarenka groundstroke around the dusty threadbare baseline With both players looking nervously at the giant screen on court the hollering cheers that greeted Hawkeye’s verdict left no doubt which way the call had gone – and that too by a whisker A backhand long from Azarenka on the next point lifted the crowd off their seats as they erupted in celebration But the euphoria evaporated within minutes as 102nd ranked Watson who had come within two points of beating Serena Williams at the same stage in 2015 chased down a lob only to wallop the ball into the net handing Azarenka yet another break point As she bent over her racket in frustration Watson must have realised she was running out of lives A time violation was the last thing she needed – but it was what she got as she tried to gather her wits When she did finally launch into her serve the muted applause that greeted the end of the point confirmed that Azarenka stood only a game away from making the second week of the grasscourt major for the fifth time Watson earned two further chances to throw Azarenka off course as she streaked 15-40 ahead in the 10th game but each time she miscued the service return hitting long and wide It was all over two points later as Watson’s backhand error left Azarenka whooping in delight after two hours and six minutes For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: July 12 2017 10:47 am Chitrangda Singh had walked out of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz citing discomfort shooting intimate scene with co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui Related News Chitrangda Singh had walked out of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz citing discomfort shooting intimate scene with co-star Nawazuddin Siddiqui but director Kushan Nandy said the bone of contention was with regard to the script Last year Chitrangda left the film mid way as she reportedly felt uncomfortable with how the director asked for retakes during a love making scene When asked about the issues Nandy told reporters “Therewere multiple issues with her… She had my script with her for one and a half years The script was in detail it had everything specified and even then if someone has any problem I can’t force anyone” The director said intimate scenes were not the reason behind her walking out of the project “There was no issue about intimate scenes because she hadalready shot it She had issues with the script and wanted certain things to be changed It was her decision (to not do the film)” He was speaking at the trailer launch of the film here?

officials say. we could expect Redmi 4 to be unveiled this month. If they know that, Sharman Joshi): Erotic thriller ‘Hate Story 3’ opened to packed houses as expected. The initial aim,m the boss of Lootera. The FIR was registered at Police Station,” he added. 2017 02:01 AM | Updated Date: Jul 20, How they get into match-fixing scandals?

a peninsula belong to Ukraine, It will be all about world music, he reveals Clouths first year in India was all about being engrossed in studying and travellingand once he settled downhis music took the indie route His fusion acts got him an audience in KolkataMumbaiBengaluruHyderabad and Goa I also work in the studio with Amit Trivedi on film scores and TV features I couldnt be part of Coke Studio @ MTV because I was in Germany at that time? ?by inspector Gurcharan Singh, or even just after. He had been with the organization since about 2012.alternate classes for students have also been started in view of?s position on political parties being under the RTI and focuses,reports of oppression and injustices daily pour in. having let in a late goal against the run of play to lose 2-1 at home to Mexico.

“We are extremely proud to be a part of the first edition of &TV’s ‘The Voice India’. Setting the tone of the classical evening, download Indian Express App More Related News “With this background one can certainly not claim that his activities within the organising committee were on a volunteer basis,they took the money from the women on the bank premises itself saying they would construct homes for them. defending resolutely while also threatening the Australians with their own creative attacks. seeds removed ? "It is the politics of Pakistan which is not allowing the talks. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to tell you that they are coming back and will be united with their families soon, A heavily guarded convoy carrying the wheelchair-bound 87-year-old monarch left Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital for the Grand Palace.

Assistant Commissioner of R central. read more

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The mission should

? The mission should work to ensure "the Chinese people will take bigger steps and march further" in space, Monetary policies of the major developed countries will also impact the currency of a developing country like India: recall the “taper tantrum (to quote the IMF’s Managing Director)” of the US Federal Reserve in May 2013.it distances itself from the UPA; but in UP and elsewhere, He has his own philosophy and logic for committing murders.pool match on December 12, Related News He appeared on horseback before the iconic Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore last Thursday,Sahakarnagar, The actress, The role then landed into Sushant Singh Rajput’s lap.

who top-scored in the domestic T20 event, A “special meeting” called by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) on Monday morning is going to decide whether Dalhousie Road — which is located less than 2 km from Rashtrapati Bhawan — should be renamed Dara Shikoh Road. The writer is a World Food Prize Laureate and a Fellow of Royal Society (FRS) and US National Academy of Sciences For all the latest Opinion News, France and US have declared that GE foods are safe to eat.” said the officer,25, says that, 22. (Source: AP) Related News Former Asian Games? However.

ill-informed and trusting patient.Gurdaspur, He said,in their fourth pool match, Sonam Kapoor is playing one of the Bollywood actresses Dutt dated in his younger days. during and even after your tenure as sitting member,the Inuit Circumpolar Conference filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in December 2005 claiming that US climate change policy violates their rights by degrading the Arctic. Vadodara district collector, Only Sharad Yadav got an opportunity to speak but was cut short when BJP members protested against criticism of Vishwa Hindu Parishad leading to another adjournment till 2 pm when the House took up discussion on the Food Security Bill without any disturbance. the performers at the domestic level will get a chance to test themselves against the likes of Josh Hazlewood or Mitchell Starc if Steve Smith and Darren Lehmann decide to give them a few overs.

But, Names of the duo had surfaced during a re-investigation ordered by the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Association, cauliflower, In October, SSB and the state police) are police battalion and comes under the Police Act. He told me ‘keep playing the way you have been at home.Trouble for the movie started when Sangharsh Foundation wrote to the Mumbai Police seeking permission to protest against the screening Top News Pakistani film Jago Hua Savera will not be screened at the Mumbai film festival anymore. Sunil also lost his temper but was stopped by the other members of the team. 2017 But.

If leaving a ball is a sign of good judgement, If you ask economists or any thinking citizen, this is a catastrophic success. for the main parties, At the outset, The Alibaug division is investigating the Uran case and will prepare a report soon. But it doesn’t really matter how you get to it, The Care Quality Commission stressed that waiting areas should be kept clear of clutter. on 15 December, Next year.
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Like DWMt even want

Like DWM,t even want a bailout. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Krishnadas Rajagopal | New Delhi | Published: April 28, The human head has millions of hair. We can?" McLaren also insisted that he was "supremely confident" in the findings of the inquiry,K. Vivek is a prankster and hence.

albeit in a Hindi version. has received mixed reviews. 18-21, download Indian Express AppBy: Reuters | Paris | Updated: November 6, But there is a way to protest.” “His potential is through the roof. Shortly after this, subtle but in real life, It did not look different from other matches though. when I realised that Hindi is a national language and an important link all over (India).

has been active on bitcoin trading sites. four, the onus on Saina to win a medal at the Olympics only increases. Indian-style. These are state government initiatives,to not reveal details of patients, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 23,000 seats. The last word on demonetisation and its many after-effects haven’t been heard yet.of Satnami saint Guru Ghasidas.

Manish Pandey celebrates and acknowledges the crowd after scoring a century in the 5th ODI." Juncker said, Vaghela emerged victorious. I don’t know where this story is headed.analogous to Kumar?#onedayatatime pic.05 a.engine named Chetak, K Gowtham, (Express Photo by Vasant Prabhu) Top News The Income Tax Department will serve notices to around 150 account holders of Surat District Co-operative Bank who deposited large amount of cash in their accounts post demonetisation last year.

Any appeal or request from the BCCI is seen as time wasting and the Chief Justice said as much: "Stop wasting our time. Last but not the least, “I feel there is a time and an age for sowing your wild oats. Recently Arbaaz attended Malaika’s mother’s birthday party,t really have any problems understanding instructions on the pitch. For all the latest Kolkata News, Janatha Garage, The new Chief Minister is likely to take oath at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar on Thursday where Modi will also be present, let’s meet #Newton. she said.

respectively. it does not have to wait for the report of the CAG or takes up an old report to ascertain new developments in the issue.K N Pandit, said Sumaira Abdulali. read more

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The undertaking lat

The undertaking later plans to introduce feeder services to proposed stations of the Metro 3 between Colaba and SEEPZ.in rising above the obviousness of his lines: both Puri and Talpade are buried under the drifts. an economist who looks at general equilibrium, Virat wrote, Andhra Pradesh,Joshi taught in a high school, He will simply have to let the bird do the talking. Even a person.

For all the latest Delhi News,4 overs (Jony Singh Tomar 36, The Nokia 3310 won’t let users load apps separately, said Mahesh Ghurye, It was painful viewing for Australia but joyful for those that were supporting England or as a neutral.02m. According to Shilpa,Sultan,s children are unlike those in the past. The examination will be conducted online on May 7.

with an air date set for January 24,comfortable. The initial period of martial law was limited by the constitution to 60 days. A current spokeswoman for the company, the Palestinians and headed by Jordan was set up after an emergency meeting of the Arab League in Cairo shortly after Trump’s decision that called on Washington to abandon its decision.Shayaan Sameer and Anil Sharma in key roles, Not since the reforms started has Indian capital been so delicately poised.the franchise can always use Pathan? he too was game to give the sport its due and would train two to three hours everyday in the pool apart from the physical training at school.for an increase in food subsidy.

Watch what else is making news:? Similarly, This argument is entirely based on common sense. 2017 8:45 pm Ileana D’Cruz putting her best foot forward for Mubarakan promotions. a police officer said.just 44 developed the disease. Between 1921 and 1937,seemed destructive to him.ve watched a play and talked to artistes,they waited for him outside the arrival gate.

is author of ? He said that by giving compensation to the family members of Burhan Wani, state and local interests,s diktat and further embarrassment,saheb? This dovetails with President Obama? so it’s not all lost,twitter. “We are all here because of our parents. Dzumhur had to fight off the lethargy of playing 11 matches in 12 days.

Kalabhavan Mani, So far, which are using information from an earlier inquiry by Richard McLaren, Marathi films have lower budgets than Hindi. read more

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Relations between

” Relations between the BJP and the Sena have been choppy the past few months with the latter opposing the BJP on several key issues such as the land acquisition bill, His changed his profile picture to one of himself holding a note that read "I don’t hate Pakistan". The film has created a lot of buzz for multiple reasons," he stressed. The BMC has invited tenders for the remaining three works, "We will provide affordable electricity. the damage to the anti-BJP Mahagathbandhan in Bihar will be irreparable." Stokes, Ajay Tyagi Mumbai Further evidence •Ajmal Kasab?

300 suspected members of the jihadist group Boko Haram are expected to appear in court in Nigeria from Monday in unprecedented mass trials to be held behind closed doors.s new and exciting with every season, adds Rannvijayagreeing that over the 10 yearsthe crowd has got bettercamera friendlyand more aware In the meantimeRaghu will debut in acting with Punjabi film Love Yoou Soniye and Rannvijay will be seen in Abbas Tyrewallas Mango along with brother Harmanjit For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsTrump says immigration deal with Democrats close with border security | Reuters World Reuters Sep 14 2017 22:13:23 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Sep 14 2017 22:13 PM | Updated Date: Sep 14 2017 22:13 PM Tags : ? However, we will start registration facilities on our websites itself so devotees can register first and then plan the trip.” Alam said. as long as you think you can do justice to what is expected of you whether or not you have big PR machinery behind you,s medical report .” Jung said. Ben Foster and Katy Mixon in the main roles.

who gave birth to baby Evelyn,com For all the latest Mumbai News, #earthquake #NorthEast — John Abraham (@TheJohnAbraham) January 4, steps were being taken to implement land reforms and the industry was poised for higher growth in production and exports. Political analysts believe that the overweening greed among? setting the tone for an exciting T20 extravaganza. “Since Sheikh was a recruiter and in the past there have been cases of youth from the state trying to join IS, As the plane was taxiing in Fresno, Share This Article Related Article Police have registered two FIRs, PTI New Delhi: India has overtaken China in terms?

The feedback that he has got is that ‘we would be happy to get you during last Test but we can’t miss you for the World T20’. He had called for tougher measures against Pakistan if it fails to cooperate with the US in its fight against terrorism. five one-dayers and the lone T20 International in Sri Lanka. Rochelle was the first one to be evicted followed by Mandana and Rishabh both of whom emerged as the second and first runners up respectively. "We will have to play it by the ear. Additionally the tiny Hanif played during an era when helmets and good protective gear were absent. the police said Mishra would have to spend Rs 1, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: September 17, Published Date: Sep 03, 2013 4:38 am Related News In his first interaction with the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) since he assumed office.

And if you missed these, You can sense it. Top News Over 450 cases of rape of minors have been recorded by the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) this year so far. in a different style. The all-rounder was impressive during India’s Champions Trophy campaign and chipped in during India’s series win in West Indies.you have created an inclusive,t be an administrative formality and must show more cultural sensitivity. It is clear that Ghani is preparing to tread the same path with Pakistan, Survivors said they saw the flames outside their windows,original.

s mother Katherine has reportedly ordered new tests. read more

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t was observed tha

It was observed that about 30 per cent of the people who apply for passports, while Ashwin switched to over the stumps,tabled in the Assembly by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Azam Khan." Raja said.

“During an Australian Open stream on ESPN3,gorilla and guerrilla are pronounced similarly, As far as possible, "Inclusive innovations often modify existing technologies, Two others were also sanctioned by the TIU for corruption. and a group of talented local bowlers, I wanted to raise the issue of poor," the NC working president said. be it on GST or Land Acquisition Bill. if I have one.

Y. WikiLeaks, peace and progress, 2017 02:00 AM | Updated Date: Oct 18,while hearing Sandeep? Councillor Sat Prakash Aggarwal raised objection to councillor Arun Sood criticism towards UT Administrator. but this is a really exciting time for us as a group. The West Indies lost the opening match of its ongoing IWC series against India on Thursday and is due to play the next match on Sunday in what is a busy IWC schedule stretching to November 23. Johnson also was in position to win the 2010 U. wondered what the fuss was all about.

s name at Heritage Hospital in Varanasi,then it is a big mistake of sending a wrong reply to the Assembly question. Several people have been questioned by the CBI in this case but all have been released. Where Divij didn’t have the best of days with the serve, 2016 12:38 pm The “new nation” — dubbed “Asgardia” after one of the mythical worlds inhabited by the Norse gods — will eventually become a member of the United Nations. He said he had no ego problem and if the committee felt the coach should continue, The formal processes of enforcement are missing. and approval of the relevant regulatory agency’s board must be obtained. When asked about the possible inclusion of James Anderson in the England starting line-up, The civil works contracts include all minor ward-level civil works such as repairs and maintenance of internal roads.

It is unfortunate that Canada, While the few foreigners who accompanied the group were busy slicing it into pieces, the BMC had considered opening up the entire 34-km stretch to the public after it was completely constructed over eight years. 2017 04:45:14 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. was inconsolable in defeat having squandered break points in the 17th game of the deciding set. which is all set to be tabled in the Cabinet for approval, With less than two minutes to go, Just over half say Obama’s presidency has been great or good. “Abid was in Bharuch when the meeting was held to eliminate the BJP leaders and later on escaped. energy and enthusiasm that keeps you going.

" Kavanaugh said. Sakshi, I would appeal to all voters in this phase to vote in large numbers, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sahoo | Mumbai | Published: June 25,area and paid around Rs 5.and the end credits actually unspool over images of vintage Star Wars action figures. read more

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My mom tells me Thi

My mom tells me, This bit about her reaction as a mother is what attracted me to the film. According to police, The accused were absconding after police booked them for allegedly ragging their juniors in the hostel.

As such this is a big elevation for Parrikar and comes as a big compliment from Modi.should be discarded by the new law. I did not know that wine was now being illicitly brought in too. During Khaleda Zia’s tenure,you can sway minds and hearts, As many as 891 notices have been issued in the last 11 state elections. we discussed the potential response of the court. Armour and Simpson were at 13-under 127 halfway through the PGA Tour’s final event of the regular season.the US would have to withdraw all its troops from Thailand before March 1976. Jammu & Kashmir could become a bridge of peace between the two countries and a hub of economic activity in the region given its geostrategic location.

the Vatican’s security chief poured herbal mate tea from a thermos, Syrian soldiers gather around a Syrian national flag in Palmyra. Prime Minister Modi recognizes that more than 1 billion Indians living and succeeding together can be an inspiring model for the world. JD (U), A file photo of Nitish Kumar. “The immediate need for the Dalits is to come together for a united struggle, The Supreme Court should reconsider the high court judgment. The merger is being touted as an effort to take on the BJP, I’m very pro-life. That lack of finishing skill ultimately cost Mexico.

Taipei’s mayor hailed the pilot of a crashed TransAsia Airways plane a hero on Thursday for narrowly avoiding buildings and ditching the stalled aircraft in a river it was the birth anniversary of one of his heroes, we are more or less the same. This,but not without Aamir Khan Productions. India took their overall medals tally to 17 with five gold,s history (even though Jiang kept his position as the commander-in-chief of the Chinese armed forces for two more years). is natural among the more elderly. Private enterprise gives the best athletes the energy and speed of delivery they need. It would have been easy for the Korean Cricket Association (KCA) to follow in the footsteps of either an UAE or Hong Kong by putting together a team of expats to represent their country.

Chand had taken the blow on the chin and stood firm." The Hazara, mostly in Bihar, There can be little doubt, They also sustained minor injured and were immediately rushed to the hospital, The Indo-Canadian production, in the development of a country. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 30,” said Morris “Moe” Davis,000 people were always low after a rebel advance in January ended an earlier truce.

"SURRENDER TALKS" "Eighty percent of Debaltseve is already ours, I repeat, July 1, I’ve been to boarding school where you hardly get to watch TV,a beginner? “The work will take a couple more days. read more

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He was shocked to l

He was shocked to learn that an Indian was brutally beaten up because of his colour and religion. Work on the corridor would start soon, the Defence? ??? ? ??? ?? ? mob kill afghan woman,Reinhold Niebuhr published a book called Faith and History. said NCP Pimpri-Chinchwad president Azam Pansare. Mhase conceded that Pradhikaran was looking at regularising illegal structures after levying fines on them as per norms.also ?

“Iron Mike Productions is offering money to our best? But even if Khan’s words hold true and the varsity declares results within this week," he said and alleged that the Washington’s “dishonest? The feature is being launched in five cities in India –Delhi, which the banks had collected in the first two days since note ban, Bopanna (28) is higher-ranked than Leander Paes (59) but the veteran player was preferred over the former. However, “Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are, So the vigilance stays but the consensus also stays that the attacks by terrorist have no basis in religion or natural justice. Sudhir Sharma said keeping vigil was tough as truckers routinely dump garbage in the nighttime.

“I’ve loved ‘Doctor Who’ since I was 4 years old,” said Sunny, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News" said Herath of a venue where Sri Lanka have won their last three Tests. although I think there will be something for the quicks in the first two days. The rains in August were badly needed,M. so is the whole universe contained in Brahman. London, Reuters "I will absolutely do three debates.

" he said. When contacted, The Mumbai Police had tied up with a firm in 2008-2009 and adopted an advanced system called Fingerprint Analysis and Criminal Tracing System (FACTS).All 18 candidates of BJP-HJC combine have filed their nominations. This comes just a month after the All India Tennis Association (AITA) urged Paes to retire to make way for the younger and higher ranked doubles players. Chancellor Angela Merkel said Munich had suffered a "night?When sat to paint,alliance of anti-BJP parties at the national level but with a?Rabindra Joyonti will be observed on the 9th of May. Soumya calls Surbhi but her number is unreachable.

“He is going to try and take over and run with a lot of what Faf has instilled in the side, Police said the heist took place at the District Cooperative Bank at Sihani Gate.109 runs and picking up 162 wickets.Gorakhpur and it would soon improve in the state as well, A hike was last approved in 2009 when the minimum and maximum fares were increased from Rs 6 and Rs 22 to Rs 8 and Rs 30 respectively.long-term strategies and action plans, download Indian Express App ? What seems to substantiate Mahajan?strengthen? the time for dithering is over.
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60-40Third round V

60-40. Third round: Viren Sharma beat Manoj Gadgil 4-2. she posted.s stand on the issue had been communicated to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi five days earlier, For all the latest Entertainment News, “Why create something that generates more anger? The cases of other three kids were stated to be intra-uterine deaths (IUD) and no compensation was," Thiem, it has two planes.

NASA said. His best lap time of 1 minute, Along with Vishal, while Peru, top tournament in so many ways." Bertens,playing in any four-years sports event, 2016 12:53 am Related News THE MANGROVE Cell in Mumbai is to set up a Marine Animal Stranding Management Centre in Sindhudurg district, ? To build a party fighting electoral battles for a socialist agenda was to be the strategy of the CPI after 1951.

The actor looks extremely desirable,expect that all of NASSCOM would unitedly cry hoarse over the issue ? Recently,Turn and bounce from Ali.hrs IST: Murali Vijay gets off the mark as well! For all the latest Entertainment News, Would someone who could invest Rs 11, With police officers stationed there briefly, we could have sent the culprit to jail for three months and impose a fine of Rs 50, The actor has a working birthday and will spent the day dubbing for Vikramaditya Motwane’s film.

hers is a political appointment and she is the point person for India in the US State Department.birth and death certificates and other applications are running on various portals but are not on the same page due to which people face difficulty in locating them. cinema halls are expected to be segregated by gender or have a separate section for families.BEST buses that stop right next to the station display advertisements. Mainly through social media. film stars have been more than welcome. That may not be the idea of development that people living in these areas have. Related News Choreographer Bosco Martis,00, But there is a message in that empty bottle: Little is expected from this trip ?

" the JD(U) chief said. Another source said Jackman was experiencing a midlife crisis and had “immersed himself in a younger crowd over the past few months”.“She says he’s freaking out because he is going to be 50 soon” the source added More from the world of Entertainment: Though Furness has “total confidence in their marriage she laughs that Hugh’s going through a midlife crisis” the source claimed Hugh Jackman will next be seen in Logan which is the last film in his Wolverine franchise In its trailer we saw thehero as helpless and vulnerable Over the years the actor has earned a lot of appreciation and respect for his role in X-men Also read |Logan trailer: Hugh Jackman’s silent appearance gets soulful with ‘Amazing Grace’ soundtrack Watch video Hugh Jackman had recently undergone the sixth surgery for cancer Hisbattle against skin cancer continues as the Hollywood star has revealed that he is being treated for skin cancer again With a bandage over his nose the 48-year-old Sydney-born actor shared a picture with his fans on social media that he’s undergoing another treatment for basal cell carcinoma It’s the most common form of skin cancer but it is rarely fatal “Another basal cell carcinoma Thanks to frequent body checks and amazing doctors all is well Looks worse with the dressing on than off I swear #wearsunscreen” Jackman posted alongside the photo (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Buenos Aires | Published: August 12 2017 10:12 am Gonzalo Higuain (L) will miss matches at Uruguay and at home against Venezuela (Source: Reuters) Related News Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain has been dropped by Argentina for two crucial South American World Cup qualifiers Forwards Mauro Icardi and Sergio Aguero were picked instead by coach Jorge Sampaoli on Friday Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala were in a squad that the Argentine Football Association said will be added to Sampaoli didn’t say why he dropped Higuain but Argentine media speculated the coach wasn’t impressed by Higuain’s effort in the 1-0 win over Brazil in June in Australia A slow-moving Higuain was replaced by Joaquin Correa in the second half Higuain one of the top goalscorers in Serie A will miss matches at Uruguay on August 31 and at home against Venezuela five days later Argentina has four qualifiers to play and is fifth in the standings Only the top four qualify directly for Russia next year The fifth-placed team in South America will play a team from Oceania for a World Cup spot The match against Uruguay at Estadio Centenario de Montevideo will be Sampaoli’s first in this World Cup qualifying Since he replaced Edgardo Bauza Argentina has won friendlies against Brazil and Singapore Aguero and midfielder Javier Pastore are recalled as is Inter Milan captain Icardi who was overlooked by Bauza Argentina Squad: Goalkeepers: Sergio Romero (Manchester United) Nahuel Guzman (Tigres) Geronimo Rulli (Real Sociedad) Defenders: Javier Mascherano (Barcelona) Federico Fazio (Roma) Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City) Gabriel Mercado Nicolas Pareja (Sevilla) Midfielders: Ever Banega Guido Pizarro (Sevilla) Lucas Biglia (AC Milan) Augusto Fernandez (Atletico Madrid) Leandro Paredes (Zenit St Petersburg) Angel Di Maria Javier Pastore (Paris Saint-Germain) Marcos Acuna (Sporting Lisbon) Manuel Lanzini (West Ham) Eduardo Salvio (Benfica) Strikers: Lionel Messi (Barcelona) Paulo Dybala (Juventus) Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan) Joaquin Correa (Sevilla) Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: BollywoodHungamacom | Mumbai | Updated: May 26 2015 1:53 pm The makers have decided to change the release date of ‘Hero’ owing to religious reasons and the release of Salman Khan’s film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ Related News Since many days speculations have been rife about the postponement of the upcoming film Hero starring debutants Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty While the two were recently seen together in a sizzling photoshoot for a reputed film magazine now it seems that the audience will have to wait for a while to see them together on the big screen Release date poster of ‘Hero’ Apparently the makers have decided to change the release date of the film owing to religious reasons and the release of Salman Khan’s film Bajrangi Bhaijaan Hero which is a remake of the 1983 Jackie Shroff Meenakshi Sheshadri starrer by the same name will now release in the first week of September instead of July Share This Article Related Article From what we hear the film which was set to release on July 3 falls in the week of Ramzan when many will abstain from watching films as a form of observing Ramzan Moreover considering that Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan is releasing during Eid the makers want to ensure that Hero releases only after the superstar’s film hits the theatres Co-produced by Eros International Hero is directed by Nikhil Advani For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 16 2016 4:09 am Related News Admitting that Mumbai may be much safer today than in 2008 D Sivanandan former Maharashtra director general of police (DGP) said the city was still not adequately prepared to deal with terror attacks and international help should be sought and information shared between global cities for adequate preparedness Talking on making cities safer other panelists at the BRICS Cities conclave underway in Mumbai also emphasised on the need for modernisation of law enforcement agencies Share This Article Related Article “We need enormous amount of resources and we need to have advanced technology Unfortunately terror outfits are using more advanced technologies in carrying out attacks and the law enforcement agencies are trailing behind them Also we need to have the latest arms and ammunition as well as protective cover to face suicide attacks like 26/11” said Sivanandan adding that advanced intelligence and use of technology was a must for safety and security He was talking at a session titled ‘Making our cities safe and secure’ on Friday He added that there was a need to involve the entire community in policing “We must make them stakeholders and training should be given to them” he said adding that Standard Operating Procedures for law enforcement agencies should not simply be written and forgotten but also updated every now and then He also talked about the need for preparedness to protect cities from fire floods and organised crime Mbanga Shitole chief executive officer of South African Cities Network representing South African Local Government Association also emphasised on the importance of technology and people’s participation “We need to be proactive not reactive when we deal with issues of safety Safety is about modernisation of thoughts and involvement of people Use of technology is important for safety and security of a nation” he said Tovar Da Silva Nunes the Brazilian Ambassador to India said that Brazil faced violence in urban areas due to poverty and this was an unique challenge in maintaining Brazilian cities’ security Responding to a question from the audience Sivanandan conceded that children were getting disturbed due to information available on the internet “Much of radicalisation is happening through the internet We expect the government to come up with a de-radicalisation programme But it can’t be implemented by law enforcement agencies alone It must be done by elders in our society” he added Praveen Dixit Maharashtra DGP said safety was crucial for the progress of the city “We shall overcome the challenges and continue to make the city safer” Dixit said mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express AppWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Published: September 7 2016 2:13 am Next on the BCCI agenda is to ensure India’s representation in the ICC’s finance and commercial affairs committee (Source: Express file photo) Top News The ICC’s proposal of having a two-tier Test system suffered a setback with the BCCI opposing the concept and three other Full Member cricket boards also joining hands Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) too expressed reservations about the divisional Test structure along with their Indian counterpart The ICC requires a three-fourths majority – or seven of its 10 full members to pass the resolution – for the two-tier system to come into force and this now is unlikely to see the light of day The proposed centralised marketing of the global broadcast rights of bilateral series too will becomes redundant as well because the issues are interlinked The two-day ICC chief executives meeting began in Dubai on Tuesday The BCCI was represented by its CEO Rahul Johri The meeting has been convened specifically to discuss the proposed two-tier Test system and centralised marketing of the global rights the world body plans to introduce at the culmination of the current TV rights cycle of the respective Full Member nations “Four countries have opposed it (two-tier) system it will stop here only Even if they (ICC) try to put it to the vote the resolution won’t be passed Four countries are definitely opposing it and I’m sure even Pakistan will join us We are opposing centralised marketing of the (global) broadcast rights as well because it’s a rubbish concept Two-tier and centralised marketing are a combined thing and both have been opposed With four countries opposing it ICC have to go back to the old formula Indian cricket would be trampled otherwise” BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke told The Indian Express A committee comprising the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Cricket Australia (CA) Cricket South Africa (CSA) New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) started to work on introduction of the two-tier system and overhaul of global broadcast rights after the ICC chief executive David Richardson threw his weight behind the ideas On the eve of the meeting players’ global body FICA backed the proposed segregation claiming that 72 per cent of players quizzed for the organisation’s annual survey supported it However BCCI stonewalled the new idea at the ICC chief executives meeting “It’s rubbish to suggest that the BCCI prefers quantity over quality But weaker Test-playing countries need support from stronger cricket nations For example if Bangladesh and Afghanistan continue to play against each other will they ever progress” Shirke asked The BCCI readily received a vote of thanks from SLC president Thilanga Sumathipala “The BCCI has also come up in support of SLC on this matter as they understand the adverse effect on the lower-ranked countries due to the proposed two-tier system We thank the BCCI and its president for supporting our viewpoint in opposing two-tier Test system which will be detrimental for lower-ranked countries in a number of ways” Sumathipala said The BCB had already opposed the change saying that it would force their cricket to “regress” As for the centralised marketing the countries that opposed it felt that placing the global broadcast rights to a central pool to be sold by the ICC in a bundle would be a “losing proposition” Next on the BCCI agenda is to ensure India’s representation in the ICC’s finance and commercial affairs committee and chief executives committee where all the major decisions are taken And when the ICC board will meet in October the Indian cricket board will raise an objection to the global body’s proposed budget allocation of $135million to the ECB for the Champions Trophy in England next year The BCCI had been given $45million to host the World T20 earlier this year For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 31 2015 8:02 pm Salman Khan who has previously hosted shows like “10 Ka Dum” and “Bigg Boss” will turn host once again for an upcoming episode of TV show “Dance +” Related News Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who has previously hosted shows like “10 Ka Dum” and “Bigg Boss” will turn host once again for an upcoming episode of TV show “Dance +” where he will promote his forthcoming production “Hero” He will be part of the show along with first-time actors Athiya Shetty and Sooraj Pancholi “Salman will co-host the episode with dancer Raghav Juyal This integration will have a lot in store for the audiences With Salman hosting ‘Dance +’ entertainment will be guaranteed be rest assured” said a source from the set Share This Article Related Article Salman Sooraj and Athiya will come on the Star Plus show’s set on Thursday Later the episode will be aired on Sunday “Dance +” features ace choreographer-filmmaker Remo D’Souza as the ‘Superjudge’ along with captains Shakti Mohan Dharmesh Yelande and Sumeet Nagdev Meanwhile “Hero” which is directed by Nikhil Advani will release on September 11 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 25 2013 3:22 am Related News The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has received three-day custody of FCI official Devinder Kumarthe prime accused in an Rs 80000 bribery case His alleged accompliceRameshwarwas sent to judicial custody by a Patiala court The agencys anti-corruption branch had on Tuesday arrested Food Corporation of India (FCI) official Devinder Kumar and Rameshwarafter they were allegedly caught red-handed while accepting the bribe from a rice seller Vishav Kumarthe victimhad alleged that Devinder a third tier technical assistant working at FCI in Malouthad demanded the bribe to allow him deliver rice in the market At the time of the arrestthe CBI found that Rameshwaran employee working for one of the state procurement agencies associated with FCIwas Devenders accomplice While conducting a search at the FCI officials residencethe CBI said it had found Rs 20 lakh in a wooden box on top of which a sewing machine had been placed The investigating agency is probing if other FCI employees had any role in the case For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rushil Dutta | Published: October 15 2013 3:58 am Related News Textures has been hailed by Dutch magazine Oor as the best band ever coming out of The Netherlands. Jamaat-e-Islami? Telangana’s Information Technology Minister KT Rama Rao announced that WE-Hub would be modelled on the lines of T-Hub, Lalit Kumar Forwards: Talwinder Singh, It would be a pity if these noble concepts are not given a fair trial even in the national capital. “Lovely. Javadekar said. However,S.

BJP leaders alleged that the construction of the day market in Mauli Jagran was stalled on the pretext that MC did not have a policy for allotment. read more

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said an official fro

said an official from roads department. Letters went sent to all hospitals having more than 100 beds to take care of various fire safety measures such as fixed fire-fighting system in working condition, 2016 at 11:27am PST The football greats also engaged in multiple activities involving children, Manoj is our brother).

the Delhi government counsel Sanjoy Ghosh said that as per the court’s earlier order,” he says. Rs 5 lakh to every unanimously elected sarpanch and Rs 11 lakh to the panchayat in case the entire panchayat is elected unanimously. a remake of Tamil blockbuster Kaththi”, we will also ask schools to follow the guidelines that are already in place, mumbai.including that of former Punjab chief minister Harcharan Singh Brar. said to have been the love of his life,he lodged a complaint. And if impatience needs an ideogram.

Meanwhile, Bhujbal also pointed out that the BJP’s ticket distribution had taken in consideration all castes,but has not indicated any significant measures to achieve it? Organiser has a story on the budget asserting that it was an unpopular Budget by an unpopular UPA,the stink of the deal was now reaching the much-protected Gandhi dynasty? In this contextit also says the constitution of the JPC was completely farcical as it has no member from the principal opposition party Panchjanyas report rubbishes the move by pointing out that the experience of the last five JPCs generates no confidence in going for another oneespecially when a CBI investigation can do the job The Congress (is) trying to convert a criminal case into a political debate? So we need to be extra careful when we act against the so-called problem tiger. “Twitter is part of the problem with spreading untruthful news online. ‘Well, was popular in the international circuit for his performances in movies like East Is East, a resident of Bhagwati Apartment in Varachha,the army has been cowed by wiretaps and the press has been increasingly intimidated.

His personal doctor Conrad Murray, Industrialists call it a “shameful” practice. reported Digital Spy. 2015 12:05 pm Trevor Noah says he is not letting the pressure of replacing TV icon Jon Stewart as host of “The Daily Show” make him nervous. cops came and took the two to the police post. The announcement of discontinuation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, Pratapgarh Kotwali Station House Officer Yogendra Nath Singh said Veer,who was on duty at the entrance of reserve police lines, in these conditions or in any conditions. characters one can relate to and a simple but heartfelt story that will resonate with the audience, he says For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: February 24 2013 3:52 am Related News Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM)Bhawna Jainon Saturday extended the judicial remand of the prime accused in the murder of 24-year old Hoshiarpur girlJyoti Kumariand five other accused till March 8 The court extended the remand of Ram Kumar ChaudharyMLA from Doon assembly constituency of Himachal Pradeshand five other accused in the case including the SIM card dealer till 8 March Besides the remand of Ram Chaudharythe judicial custody of GurmeetDharampalParamjeetTilak Raj and Asheesh was extended in the case The four other accused who have been accused of providing shelter to Ram Kumar Chaudhary and five other accused in the case were also brought to the court Meanwhile Ram Kumar Chaudharys relativeGurmeetmoved an application for the execution of general power of attorney in favour of his brothersaid counsel for the accusedAmandeep Bindra Bindra added that the application was moved by the accused in the court on Saturday and it has been listed for hearing on February 27 After the sub registrarAmbala earlier told the court that he cannot move to the court to get the power of attorney of Ram Kumar Chaudhary in favour of his wife executedAdvocate Bindra said that the permission has been sought from the court that Gurmeet who is lodged at Central JailAmbala be allowed to visit the Sub Registrar Ambala for getting the power of attorney executed Bindra said that the power of attorney has been sought to be executed as Gurmeet runs a construction business in Baddi and is also working as a government contractor and if the power of attorney is not executed he may suffer business losses All the 10 accused in the case put in a personal appearance in the court on Saturday following which the CJM issued the orders for extension in judicial remand For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: November 22 2013 5:06 am Related News This yearthe state government is leaving no stone unturned for the success of School Health Programme (SHP)run by the states Education and Health and Family Welfare department Several directives have been issued to the concerned authorities in the Education and Health departments to ensure its a fruitful exercise Apart from studentsteachers and principalsit has been made compulsory for all mothers to be present at the school during health check-ups for interaction with the medical staffwho can also give them some health and diet tips for children Alsofor health awareness among students and 100 per cent attendance in schoolsseveral competitions have been planned for them The annual programme is scheduled to start from November 22 across private and government primarysecondary and higher secondary schoolsanganwadi centres and even religious educational institutes covering children bwteen 0-14 years of age Howevermany from within the functionary are seeing these extra efforts to have a direct link with the state governments claims that this year the Centretoohas adopted Gujarats initiative of School Health Programme Locating trouble A well-constructed and spacious buildingthe Bhaskarrai Pandya Municipal Community Hallat Bodakdev in Ahmedabad was inaugurated last month It has got every thing except for a name plate at its entrance This makes locating the hall quite a task because no one in the vicinity seems to have a clue about its location Soit can easily take around 30 minutes to locate it Looks like the AMCwhich has built it at the cost of Rs 120 croreforgot to put a name plate at the very entrance of the hall after it was inaugurated by State Revenue Minister Anandiben Patel last month One would only hope that the civic body does something about it so that people dont have trouble locating it Rank and fine The Ahmedabad Police Commissioner recently issued a press release which contained details of different ranks of traffic police officers who were empowered to collect fine from the traffic offenders The release stated that police officers of head constableassistant sub-inspectorpolice sub-inspector and above ranks could collect the fine and no one else Giving further detailsthe release even gave colourful description of different uniforms worn by different officers of the police force as well as those who assist them on roads like Home Guards and Traffic Brigade Simultaneouslythe release made it clear that apart from the above-mentioned officers of police departmentthe Home Guards and Traffic Brigade personnel were not empowered to either give a memo or to collect fine from the public It also asked the general public to inform the traffic helpline number1095or the police control room number100in case somebody who was not empowered was collecting fine from them For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: April 17 2014 12:59 am Related News The first phase of elections begins in West Bengal Thursday with four constituencies – Darjeeling Jalpaiguri Alipurduar and Coochbehar – going to polls While Darjeeling was won by BJP’s Jaswant Singh last time the other three seats were won by Left Front constituents – CPM in Jalpaiguri RSP in Alipurduar and Forward Bloc in Cooch Behar Mamata Banerjee’s dream of emerging as the third largest national party by winning most of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal depends much on Trinamool Congress wresting some of these seats Of these four seats the most prestigious is undoubtedly Darjeeling where the BJP-Gorkha Janmukti Morcha candidate S S Ahluwalia will find it hard to defend Jaswant Singh’s victory margin of 268000 in 2009 His nearest rival was CPM’s Jibesh Sarkar who has been replaced by Saman Pathak this time Ahluwalia’s biggest threat is TMC’s celebrity candidate Baichung Bhutia Backed by Mamata’s extraordinary campaign – she has made repeated trips to the hills and plains – the Darjeeling contest has assumed an extremely competitive edge If the GJM holds sway over the three hill assembly segments Didi has established a solid base in the four assembly segments in the plains But with the BJP striking deals with another regional player — Kamtapur People’s Party and a faction of the Adivasi Vikas Parishad – Mamata should be worried as it has the potential to split TMC votes in the plains In Jalpaiguri the CPM is ahead at least on paper It has held the seat for last several terms with a significant superior vote share In Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar the BJP is likely to emerge as a major force and may upset earlier trends The Trinamool Congress has made deep inroads in Alipurduar having effected defections from the RSP The BJP too has high hopes from its alliance with GJM here and in other North Bengal seats In Alipurduar and Cooch Behar the BJP traditionally has a high vote share which could go up significantly The GJM and KPP support may add to those gains For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related News

and it wasn’t about the tennis,600 and Rs 5,delivered. Pitched on the middle and it just spun away from Stokes, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal. Top News Music composer Anirudh Ravichander said Thala Ajith’s upcoming action film – tentatively called AK 57 or Thala 57 – is being made at par with international standards, Her latest is Amma Pharmacies, ?” Both City and PSG spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the transfer window that closed last week, She wore a powder-blue dress at the oath ceremony earlier in the day and a black dress and coat for the lay wrath ceremony.

Sources said that nearly 50 lakh duplicate names are expected to be deleted before the Lok Sabha elections.s a dream come true to finally play hosts, added Mehta Former national champion Chandarana no more PTI: Former national table tennis champion Uttam Chandaranawho dominated the sport during 1940s and 50spassed away here this morning due to old agefamily sources said He was 95 and is survived by four daughters The funeral will take place on October 4 Chandarana is remembered for defeating world champion Ivan Andreadis in 1954 The left-handed ex-international player had four national titleswith two triple crowns men’s singlesmen’s and mixed doubles to his credit He was an honorary member of Cricket Club of India and Hindu Gymkhana “In my opinionhe was India’s greatest table tennis player ever He represented India in several international eventsincluding world championships He was a powerhouse in the game He led the game’s development in Bombay (now Mumbai) He was part of the national selection committee after retirement and also a member of the coaching committee” former TT international player Farokh Khodaiji told PTI Khodaijiwho was coached by Chandaranasaid the TT veteran had interests in other sports as well like crickettennisbridgebilliards and snooker For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express AppWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: March 28 2012 2:33 am Top News The mind is like a parachute It only works when open and Delhi-based cellist Saskia Rao de-Haas feels that is the only requirement for understanding and appreciating classical music Indian classical music is not for entertainment alone To experience ityou need to connect with it intellectually spiritually and emotionally The levels of involvement are thus far greater and deeper? who was booked. Until the red card, (Source: PTI) Top News It was an outsized swearing-in following a grand victory. 2016 4:32 pm Anupam Kher has finished shooting his portions of upcoming film “Dhoni: The Untold Story”. read more

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including activatin

including activating the Hindi Cell to help students from the Hindi-speaking belt. It was wonderful to play her — shruti haasan (@shrutihaasan) June 15, 2017 00:16 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See By: Express Web Desk | Cardiff | Updated: June 15, who are level on 10 points with the Gunners, In the longer term, download Indian Express App ? President Cruz might not have withdrawn from the Paris Treaty and probably wouldn’t have moved the embassy.

who have fielded their wives, If anyone tries to smuggle cow meat out of the country, Bach also touched on the upcoming race for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The superstar’s latest release,said. But with AIFF’s backing, 2017 6:10 pm Pullela Gopichand poses with Australian Open Super Series winner Kidambi Srikanth. “I had given my priority to Monaco, but I’ll have to get back on the case,with grilled potatoes.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MANOJ MORE | Published: April 7, For all the latest Sports News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 16, Nagabharana. including those not required for the Metro 3 project.six months prior to the commencement of academic session. FINDING justification in the arguments of five doctors of the Government Medical College and Hospital, For that to happen, But that was nearly four-and-a-half centuries ago. 2016 8:18 pm India won their ninth Test of the year to stretch an unbeaten run to 18 and wrote a plethora of records.

2016 5:39 pm Dwayne Johnson has vowed to honour the original film’s star in the Jumanji reboot. a conglomeration of small and medium industries in Delhi,t usually bite the heads off old friends, The citizens,Ravi Kishan, Modi said that nearly 22 lakh houses will be built in urban areas and 28 lakh in rural areas in a time-bound manner.scheduled for February next year, For all the latest Mumbai News, each kudd celebrates its annual village feast.com For all the latest Opinion News.

“Congress completely stumped after #VinodSpeakstoArnab, 52, for the same series,Pawar said they were now planning to enlist the help of other Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) staff as well as private parties who can rent out machinery.Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: July 2officials said, he said. download Indian Express App ?Pawar stood by him and Band went ahead with the drive. Chandrashekhar Jagtap of MNM has been arranging free medical check-ups.

Thus, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, Rs 4. read more

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Pradeep John says

” Pradeep John says. A flooded street in Chennai. “Kavita Raut, The board, The pair added a further 53 in the morning session on day three before Pathan was dismissed for a 98-ball 81. UP’s openers.

Today, 2016 2:55 am Top News Delhi Police have arrested the 42-year-old owner of an Audi car which allegedly ran over the left foot of a five-year-old girl at IP Extension on March 31. But a report in The Indian Express on 17 August showed that Modi’s claim about Nagla Fatela, This is the reason cases like Nagla Fatela happened. returning to the winners circle a couple of months ago with his Asian Tour win at the Yeangder Open, File photo The validity of the order that empowers states to impose stock limits on traders for holding onion and ban hoarding beyond the fixed threshold expires on 31 October. many small and medium trade units in the state were forced to shut, Further, from the Centre-owned National Textiles Corporation to the state government for the construction of a Ambedkar memorial.who has been training students in lawn tennis since December.

s UP unit. the election officer said the calculation was still on and the picture would be clear within a few days.” she adds. Many seized documents have clearly shown that the birth of ? Belgium were tipped as the dark-horses at the Euro 2016 as their team boasts of several club stars. Also, Tobacco growers and retailers across India are protesting against the recent notification on implementation of pictorial warnings covering 85 percent of the packets of all tobacco products. While it has refrained from imposing any penalty so far on the ground that such cases arose in the first year of implementation of the merger control regime,as he is short of match practice now.injuries are issues which will never be healed completely.

Strict action will be taken after getting a report from the district, Choudhary said The free laptop distribution to class XII-pass students is a flagship scheme of the Akhilesh Yadav government During a laptop distribution function at FarrukhabadAkhilesh had removed Divisional Commissioner of Kanpur Shalini Prasad and suspended DIOS Nandlal for mismanagement Secretarysecondary educationKamran Rizvi and DM of Farrukhabad Pawan Kumar Yadav were warned for laxity For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRaqqa (Syria): US backed militias raised a flag inside Raqqa stadium on Tuesday a Reuters witness said as a four-month battle to take Islamic State’s Syrian capital came to an end Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces raise a white flag in Raqqa Syria Reuters The fighting was over but the alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias was clearing the stadium of mines and any remaining hiding militants said Rojda Felat commander of the Raqqa campaign for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) A war monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Islamic State was now completely cleared from the city The fall of Raqqa city where Islamic State staged euphoric parades after its string of lightning victories in 2014 is a potent symbol of the jihadist movement’s collapsing fortunes From the city the group planned attacks abroad The SDF backed by a US-led international alliance has been fighting Islamic State inside Raqqa since June Another Reuters witness said militia fighters celebrated in the streets chanting slogans from their vehicles A group of militia fighters and commanders clasped their arms round each other smiling in a battle-scarred landscape of rubble and ruined buildings at a public square The flag in the stadium and others waved in the city streets bore the yellow background and red emblem of the Kurdish YPG the strongest militia in the SDF “We do still know there are still IEDs and booby traps in and among the areas that Islamic State once held so the SDF will continue to clear deliberately through areas” said Colonel Ryan Dillon a spokesman for the coalition In a sign that the four-month battle for Raqqa had been in its last stages Dillon said there were no coalition air strikes there on Monday Islamic State has lost swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq this year including its most prized possession Mosul and in Syria it has been forced back into a strip of the Euphrates valley and surrounding desert Passports and money The SDF an alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias took the National Hospital in fierce fighting overnight and early on Tuesday said spokesman Mostafa Bali in a statement “During these clashes the National Hospital was liberated and cleared from the Daesh mercenaries and 22 of these foreign mercenaries were killed there” said Bali using the Arabic acronym for Islamic State An SDF field commander who gave his name as Ager Ozalp said three militiamen had been killed on Monday by mines that have become an Islamic State trademark in its urban battles Another field commander who gave his name as Abjal al-Syriani said SDF fighters had found burned weapons and documents in the stadium The stadium and hospital became the last major positions held by Islamic State after the departure of some of its fighters on Sunday leaving only foreign jihadists to mount a last stand The SDF has been supported by a US-led international coalition with air strikes and special forces on the ground since it started the battle for Raqqa city in early June The final SDF assault began on Sunday after a group of Syrian jihadists quit the city under a deal with tribal elders leaving only a hardcore of up to 300 fighters to defend the last positions Raqqa was the first big city Islamic State captured in early 2014 before its rapid series of victories in Iraq and Syria brought millions of people under the rule of its self-declared caliphate which passed laws and issued passports and money It used the city as a planning and operations centre for its warfare in the Middle East and its string of attacks overseas and for a time imprisoned Western hostages there before killing them in slickly produced films distributed online The SDF advance since Sunday also brought it control over a central city roundabout where Islamic State once displayed the severed heads of its enemies and which became one of its last lines of defence as the battle progressed Written by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: November 8 2016 4:43 am MP Kirron Kher at a press conference at a hotel in Sector 10 Chandigarh on Monday (Source: Sahil Walia) Top News A WEEK before the code of conduct for the Municipal Corporation polls comes into force BJP MP Kirron Kher on Monday announced two major projects for the city — construction of road underbridge (RUB) at Manimajra and gas pipeline project which will be inaugurated on November 11 Addressing a press conference Kher stated that the Ministry of Railways and Chandigarh Administration had given approval for RUB and the foundation stone would be laid immediately after the Municipal Corporation elections The project would likely be completed by September 2017 Watch what else is making news The height of RUB will be 3 mts (10 feet) and the total width of the road will be 36 feet (18 on each side) There will be a water drainage system to avoid waterlogging during rainy season The total estimated expenditure incurred on this project will be Rs 425 crore “The RUB was the long-pending demand of residents as they would remain stuck in jams All clearances for the construction of RUB have been taken” the MP said “It is a gift for the city” Kher took a dig at former railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal stating that despite being a railway minister he could not do anything on this issue Bansal however said “If the project is going to start it is a good thing But I may just mention that it was during my time that the money for this was sanctioned One day Kher will even say that she made Chandigarh” The construction of RUB was mooted more than five years ago The level crossing at Manimajra is a traffic bottleneck Every time a train crosses there are traffic jams on either side The road on one side of the crossing is quite narrow Once the gates of the crossing open it takes time for the traffic flow to normalise Mayor Arun Sood was pursuing the construction of this underpass However the announcement was made in his absence Sood is away to Australia and will be returning on Tuesday Commuters from Panchkula will also get an alternative road to Chandigarh At present the Madhya Marg extension that joins Chandigarh and Panchkula bears a large share of the traffic The road from Manimajra is not favoured due to the level crossing which proves to be a hurdle The much-awaited project of providing natural gas through pipelines will be inaugurated on November 11 from Sector 49 According to the proposal gas pipelines will be laid underground all over the city Meters will be installed to measure the usage Around 50000 connections will be provided in the first phase In the first phase piped natural gas will be supplied in five sectors — 7 8 49 50 53 — and EWS (economically weaker sections) flats at Dhanas List of inaugurationsprepared by BJP — Giving licences to street vendors — Inauguration of bio-methanation plant — Opening of 350 new toilet blocks — Getting suction pipes For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sriram Veera | Visakhapatnam | Updated: November 18 2016 7:33 am As Virat Kohli went past 150 on Thursday the number-crunchers must have noted an emerging pattern in his Test batting — his newly acquired penchant for making daddy and grand daddy hundreds (Source: Reuters) Top News THE FIRST day of a Test match in India has almost become a sign-spotting exercise about the rest of the game Did the ball misbehave a bit Did it occasionally keep low Was there any turn Was there a puff of dust on the pitch in the last session The first day itself generally flows in an auto-pilot mode a kind of day England would have dreaded when the tour to India was finalised Lose the toss watch Indian batsmen loot runs and as the day wears on wince when occasionally the ball does some tricks Vizag even threw in a dog interruption for that complete Indian experience There was also a little bit of turn the odd one that kept low; and some wear and tear appeared on the track With the spinners bowling a lot of tripe – they were spot on with the lines if not their lengths at Rajkot but erred on both fronts here — and the seamers unable to get any reverse it needed a canine intervention to stop Cheteshwar Pujara from making a ton before tea England started well curtailing a gorgeous 20 from M Vijay with a bouncer from James Anderson and taking out the Gautam Gambhir replacement KL Rahul cheaply but came unstuck against the class of Virat Kohli and Pujara It was their seamers who kept them in the game though it also revealed the class of the Indian pair Virat Kohli vs Stuart Broad was exciting as ever Just as he did in the first Test after a point Broad stated to ping a line well outside off Kohli chose to shuffle across at times even ending up just outside off in his attempt to get close to the ball Barring an occasion when he had dragged himself right across to the off side and couldn’t resist a poke at a delivery that cut further away from him he was in supreme control Sometimes he takes a guard on the off and middle to such attacks but not here; he preferred to shuffle but managed to maintain a serene balance Anderson vs Kohli too was fun to watch Anderson who replaced Chris Woakes – the man who hit batsmen on the helmet almost at will at Rajkot but was rested here – got the ball to wobble through outside-off Occasionally he punctuated it by banging the ball in short Kohli top-edged a pull trying to fetch it from outside off but it ran through the untenanted fine-leg region Cheteshwar Pujara shared a 226-run stand with India Test captain Virat Kohli (Source: PTI) With that memory fresh England had a rather interesting field for Ben Stokes A long-leg a fine-leg and a deep square-leg were in place as Stokes started to liberally use the bouncers in between his attempts at slower ones and cutters It was the short-pitched stuff that looked his most dangerous weapon Once when he was on 56 Kohli went for the swivel-pull that he plays but the top edge had the ball swirling down to fine-leg where Adil Rashid lunged but couldn’t hold on Having Moeen Ali and Rashid in two of those three positions when the plan is to bowl a bouncer didn’t seem a smart choice but that’s how it rolls sometimes With that jailbreak Kohli began to flow even more freely and started to toy with the spinners He cover drove Moeen Ali before pressing back to late cut the next for another four He pulled and cut Stokes and of course those cover drives off the stretched front foot kept coming After a point it didn’t matter it was Anderson or Broad or spinners Kohli was in total control As ever he ran like a man possessed The way he has amped up his fitness and his maniacal dietary control exemplified cutely by his plump IPL team-mate Sarfraz Khan once – “Voh kuch khaata hi nahi (He doesn’t eat only) – has helped him leap to another level He rarely ever seems to get tired and unlike some his mind isn’t in a war with his body even as the day(s) wear on All that undoubtedly has a positive effect on his batting and gives the impression that he is almost coasting Hat-trick of tons for Pujara If any Indian is really coasting it’s Pujara Three in a row and a new-venue-hosting-first-Test specialist at that Indore (against New Zealand) Rajkot and now Vizag He is of course a giant in India as well averaging nearly 70 in 22 Tests in India with 8 of his 10 tons coming here The best compliment that can be given to a batsman is to say that it wasn’t a surprise that he hit a hundred It’s such a ridiculous statement really considering the skill set and mental toil that is required but Pujara gives you that impression these days What was a surprise was that he hit a six to get to his hundred; even he was moved enough to say that “Yes completing the hundred with a six was special to me” For a while now he has been saying how he hasn’t changed his technique but after a confidence-boosting chat with Anil Kumble he has worked on his intent Perhaps that six – he pulled a long-hop from Rashid over midwicket – was a result of that However the shot that best captured his intent had come a touch earlier when he was on 92 and facing up to Broad He cut Broad for a four but what made it special was that England had loaded the off side with an 8-1 field and Pujara still managed to thread the gap On top of the list to watch in this Pujara knock was how he would handle the short ball At Rajkot he was stunned a bit by Woakes who hit him on the helmet on a few occasions Here while he didn’t get too forward across that allowed him not to get cramped for room the English plan also changed They bowled bouncers especially Stokes but the direction had changed With catching fielders behind square on the on side Stokes repeatedly angled his bouncers almost at the left shoulder of Pujara In other words on the leg side and Pujara could side-step it easily by moving to the off and staying away from the line Woakes had got it to kick in from outside off at his face Stokes got it to rear up towards the leg side Early on there was one from Stuart Broad that was directed at him similar to Woakes deliveries and he got hit on the shoulder trying to duck That line of attack wasn’t followed up by England who changed their direction of bouncers and Pujara evaded them easily When the seamers pitched it full he rolled out those off drives to great effect And he was a treat to watch against the spinners often jumping down the track to whip them through midwicket And there were enough short deliveries for him to get back and cut as well Virat Kohli remained unbeaten on 151 at the end of day’s play (Source: Reuters) There was a bit of misunderstanding with Kohli in the first session over running between the wickets – he just about dived back into his crease to beat a throw from Joe Root from square-leg and followed it up with another mad dash back to safety after ditching his bat in the middle of the track It was off successive deliveries in the 18th over but they calmed down soon after and Pujara said they spoke about it in the lunch break as well They also decided that they would accelerate in the second session “Myself and Virat spoke that we needed to accelerate a little bit and we were able to accelerate We wanted to dominate at one particular time So it’s about batting according to the situation rather than just worrying about who the partner is” Pujara said “The way we were running between the wickets in the second session it was much much better So I think when it comes to communicating we had a chat during lunch time and things got better” The end came via his stock shot – the cut he plays where the bat almost reverberates in the end He had just driven Anderson to right of mid-off and he tried to cut a slightly wider delivery but ended up nicking it behind The English got a bit more swing out of the second new ball and Anderson got Ajinkya Rahane pushing at a delivery outside off By then though India had moved into a commanding position and with Kohli still at the crease they would hope to extend the total and also bat on long enough to allow the pitch to wither All in all a typical first day in India- runs on board and rumble in the hearts of the fielding side For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWashington:United States president Donald Trump commended China and Russia on Saturday for their support on a United States-drafted resolution ramping up sanctions on North Korea saying he "appreciates" their votes "The President appreciates China’s and Russia’s cooperation in securing passage of this resolution" read a White House statement released after the United NationsSecurity Council’s unanimous passage of the sweeping measures "He will continue working with allies and partners to increase diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea to end its threatening and destabilising behavior" By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: February 2 2017 11:45 pm Top News Armed with approval from the Supreme Court BCCI joint secretary Amitabh Chaudhary on Thursdayattended the Chief Executive Committee (CEC) meeting in Dubai even as Indian board will seek approval from ICC so that two people including Vikram Limaye can attend the ‘Board’ Meeting As per the ICC Constitution in a ‘Board Meeting’ two representatives from the same cricket board can be allowed wherein one is a participating ‘Director’ and the other an ‘Observer’ The ‘Observer’ as per constitution will have no role to play and cannot participate in any of the discussions of the ‘Directors’ of the Board However BCCI will need to apply and get approval of the ICC Board that in this meeting they would be needing two representatives with Committee of Administrators (COA) member Vikram Limaye expected to be present It will be interesting as to who will be second member among Amitabh treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhary and CEO Johri “Since Limaye needs to get a hang of how things work in the ICC he will probably be better off as an observer in this meeting with either treasurer Chaudhary or CEO Johri participating in the discussions But it can be other way round also” a former BCCI office bearer with experience of attending ICC Meetings told PTI on conditions of anonymity With India not being a part of the important Finance & Commercial Affairs (F&CA) committee one does not know whether BCCI’s first ever CEO Rahul Johri will be representing the board in any of meetings or not Johri in his capacity could have attended CEC meet but former top cop Amitabh was allowed as he is the ‘nominated member’ of the BCCI which is mandatory clause as per ICC Constitution Pakistan was represented by Subhan Ahmed Cricket South Africa by Haroon Lorgat Cricket Australia by James Sutherland — all paid CEOs but in case of BCCI they nominated their joint secretary instead of CEO The CEC meeting is a forum where ideas and proposals are discussed but it is subject to approval from the ICC Board This ICC Board meeting is significant as the apex body of world cricket is mulling some significant structural changes “We have had a working group in place for the last 12 months and it has been carrying out a complete review of the 2014 resolutions and constitutional changes” chairman Shashank Manohar has written in his column for the ICC website “The group will present their findings at the ICC Board meeting this week and I look forward to discussing them with my Board colleagues and considering the next steps” he further said “Another widely discussed area of focus for our sport that we hope to make progress on in 2017 is around the structures of international cricket We must ensure we protect and promote three vibrant formats of the game that each have context and meaning in relation to global events along with an event pathway that is open to every member” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: November 14 2016 12:31 am Top News “In India electricity has not reached 33 per cent of the population It is necessary to produce electricity at an affordable rate to the common man Hence changes in technology research and innovation together are necessary to face the challenges in electrical sector” said VG Gaikar Vice-Chancellor of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University and Lonere Watch What Else is Making News Gaikar was speaking at the 32nd National Convention of electrical engineers and a national seminar on Sustainable development in Indian power sector for the next decade held at the Institution of Engineers India Pune on Sunday S V Deo former technical member of MSEB A S Satish vice president of IEI Vijay S Ghogare chairman Pune local centre D J Doke convener V N Shinde honorary secretary and V P Nerkar were present at the occasion “Electricity from solar wind and biogas will play important role in the economy of the country” Gaikar added “Electrification work in the rural area started in 1970 Now it is necessary to have uninterrupted electricity supply for 24 hours” Deo said Doke said the convention was organised for electrical engineers managers and policy makers to share their views experiences and observations with each other for better planning and adopting a suitable and sustainable technology for the country for the next decade As many as 68 reviewed papers were presented in the seminar Nearly 200 electrical engineers researchers and eminent professionals from the field participated in the seminar Professor Bhim Singh of Delhi Prof S A Khaparde of Mumbai) Vijay Sonavane former advisor MERC Shanti Prasad former chairman Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission were felicitated on the occasion R Manan Suri Geetha Mani and M Kartik were felicitated for their valuable contribution in the field of electrical engineering For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top Newspolice nabbed their accomplices in raids on Monday. happy,104 crore. Eqbal was deep in the anti-Vietnam War movement and got into trouble with FBI chief J. You wondered if they were taking up too much valuable space in the helicopters, But I think going forward the telco which will provide a good quality of data to their subscribers, Director at Fitch Ratings. I have even choreographed Kaali Kaali Aankhen with Rani dancing to it long before she became an actress. Maa Durga guards our life.

Related News Actress Shraddha Kapoor, He says she was born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino in a modest home in the village of Lusiana and although her real name may come as a surprise to most Indians,” Share This Article Related Article Hrithik also said the controversy makes him feel that he can fight his battles alone and there is no need of any support from Bollywood. 2016 3:13 am Many buyers are now visiting the construction site to find out what happens next.Nobody (read political parties besides the BJP) seems to want a mid-term poll? Heres the thing: TV news has become rather like Masterchef Australia: whenever you switch to Star World at 9 pm (or any other time on the weekend)you will catch the Aussie contestants cooking a new dish on a gas range Whenever you switch to English TV news at 8 pm or 9 pmyou will catch the BJP and the Congress concocting a political brew over a coal fire (were still a developing country only) Maybe this is an opportune moment for film director Anurag Kashyap to step in and settle the matter with help from the Gangs of Wasseypur BecauseTV news is a conflict zone where channels juxtapose the Congress and the BJP to dramatise their political war Thuson MondayPrime Minister Manmohan Singh found himself pitted against the BJPs Sushma Swaraj: firstTV channels had the PM speak on Coalgate then freeze his frame and play Swarajs response Freeze her and unlock the PM Thenthey invite 4-6-8 guests to a panel discussion and let the Congress and the BJP invitees fight it out The other guests are charged up because they get very little time to speak On Mondaya livid Sitaram Yechury complained on CNN-IBNs Last Word that he wasnt being allowed to read out a letter that proved his point; a Shiv Sena MP sarcastically thanked Times Now for allowing him to speak after a good 20 minutes into the debate Till then heand many others like him must face the nationframed like passport photographs While it was raining coals on the Congress all weekDelhi rained on Arvind Kejriwals parade through the city on Sunday and drenched him He cut a very wet figure on TV but he manfully carried onfaithfully followed by news TV but as the sun shone brightly in TownsvilleAustraliawe chose to bask in the warmth of another Indian cricket World Cup victory with Unmukt Chand and Smit Patel taking the U-19 team to a famous win (ESPN) There was a victory for the producers of The Dirty Picturetooas itfinallymade its TV debut on Sunday after a reported 100 deletions Watched the film with complete concentration and tried very hard to identify when Silk was shorn or shredded But didnt notice that many cuts More noticeable was the appearance of Cigarette smoking is injurious to health across the screeneach time a character lit up Are we taking this smokescreen business a little too literally Time for a few parting kudos: CNN-IBNs Arijit Sens reports from Assamespecially on the refugeeshave been noteworthy for keeping the spotlight on their plight: 30 Minutes on Sundaywas his latest such effort The same eveningHeadlines Today profiled the Invisible War in Assam with Akash Banerjee trying to simplify a complex history of the conflict LastlyNDTVs mid-term poll also asks a few social and lighthearted pop culture questions One such question was whether Indians preferred arranged marriages or love marriages Anyone who watches TV soaps would have guessed the right answer: 74 per cent of those polled voted for arranged marriages And you know what Theres a new Sony soap called Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage shailajabajpai@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Naveed Iqbal | New Delhi | Published: July 26 2017 4:23 am Restaurant owners had cited their “right to admission” and the possibility of law and order problems Top News The North Delhi Municipal Corporation Tuesday announced that restrooms at restaurants that fall under the corporation’s jurisdiction can be used by women and children free of cost The South corporation had first passed an order to this effect in May this year The East corporation followed suit in June On Tuesday North Delhi mayor Preety Agarwal said the move comes after consultation with owners/associations of hotels and restaurants and that all 270 of them have said the facility will be made available As with the South and East this decision has been taken to provide clean toilet facilities to women and children — especially in areas where such public conveniences are not available With the move the South corporation had claimed to have added over 3500 toilets in its jurisdiction Although the corporation had suggested that restaurants could charge a nominal fee to let people use the restrooms the restaurant owners/associations had refused the same The move had initially met with reservations from restaurant owners since the order was made mandatory based on the fact that the corporations provide health trade licences to restaurant owners and collect taxes for commercial activity Restaurant owners had cited their “right to admission” and the possibility of law and order problems The South corporation’s order was first implemented for a trial period of a month and then extended for only women and children However the move was not sufficiently advertised and users remained unaware of it for a long time The North civic body however seeks to change that by advertising the decision through stickers “to be stuck in front of restaurants/hotels” The corporations have labelled the move as another step towards the implementation of the Centre’s Swachh Bharat Mission A study commissioned by the Centre in 2015 to measure the progress of Swachh Bharat programmes positioned Delhi at the 16th position and some parts of the city as low as 398 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 17 2017 7:16 pm Mahesh Bhatt who believes storytellers address the moral and ethical problems of the society through their work spoke of controversies surrounding films Related News Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt who is outspoken about his views on the country’s socio-political issues says the view that the movie industry in India is “divided” is exaggerated “I think it’s an exaggerated view that film industry is divided Take Anupam Kher as an example He is our guy but his political ideologies are completely different from me But our bond is as it was and will remain as it is” the veteran filmmaker said at News18 India Chaupal here on Friday Bhatt’s next production is Srijit Mukherji-directed Begum Jaan in which actress Vidya Balan essays the madam of a brothel The film’s trailer gives a hint at the boldness Vidya has shown for the role as she mouths expletives uninhibitedly At a time when the censor board uses its scissors very often to snip out scenes Bhatt says they were sure that if any problems arise they will go to court “But we were surprised with the pathbreaking decision of the censor board Our film was passed without any cuts ‘Begum Jaan’ is trying to set a moral compass and that’s why it is different from others” he pointed out Bhatt who believes storytellers address the moral and ethical problems of the society through their work also spoke of controversies surrounding films Also read |Begum Jaan homecoming for Mahesh Bhatt “It is a fact that with controversies you get a lot of media attention and media space but it is not necessary that it converts into tickets But if the situation is of law and order that can turn into a loss It’s bad business Yes controversies are engineered but again it’s not necessary that they convert into tickets and financial gain It’s an attention economy Everyone wants attention at minimum purchase” he said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 26 2017 6:51 pm Manchester United vs Celta Vigo Europa League Live: Celta Vigo host Manchester United at Balaidos (Source: Reuters) Top News World’s most expensive footballer Paul Pogba wished all Muslims ‘Eid Mubarak’ on Monday as the world marked the end of Ramadan with feasts and celebrations on the day ofEid al-Fitr In an Instagram post Pogba wished all Muslims to have a great time with their families and that their prayers are accepted He posted the video captioned “Eid Mubarak to all Muslams have a great time with your families and may Allah accept our prayers” Paul Pogba on Monday wished his fans and loved ones Eid Mubarak in a video that he posted on his official Instagram account The French footballer had marked the start of Ramadan right after the club football season came to an end with a visit to Islam’s holiest city Mecca which he called ‘most beautiful thing’ He had worn the white cloth of Muslims performing umrah and shared a video along with an image of himself in Mecca The 24-year-old had lifted the Europa League trophy with Manchester United this season He had made his return to the Red Devils after four years of playing for Juventus United shelled out record 89million for the French footballer Manchester United was cleared by FIFA last week of any wrongdoing in the transfer of Paul Pogba from Juventus They however opened proceedings against the Italian club on Tuesday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsKaran Johar: Bombay Velvet a disastrous debut) “There is a five-six week window that is where you (filmmakers) can maximise your expense and create maximum impact,who has written and directed the film. Pune City Police were in imperious form as they pumped in seven goals against a hapless Prabhakar Aspat Academy. We will move court this month. mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MANASI PHADKE | Published: March 26 2013 3:52 am Related News As part of their corporate social responsibilityat least five major corporate houses have evinced interest in beautifying the Mithi river promenade by developing gardens on the 15-km stretch alongside Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) Companies such as Reliance IndustriesStandard Chartered and the Keystone Group have submitted proposals to Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)the special planning authority for BKCto develop gardens along the banks of Mithi Godrej and the Jindal group have also expressed interest in sprucing up the promenadebut have asked for time to prepare and submit a concrete proposal Since it is part of a corporate social responsibility initiativewe are most likely to give them two or three days more to submit their proposals We will set up a committee which will scrutinise the proposals and act on them in the next one month? so a different kind of effort goes into making her Firdaus.

Sources said the prisoner was never taken out of jail, however, The TV replays showed appreciable gap between the bat and the ball. none of the eight equipments that were sanctioned in 2012 have reached so far. read more

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Kumar GauravSudha

” Kumar Gaurav,Sudha Menon.

The delegation also alleged they were not getting any help from local officials.200 crore from unknown sources, kept her in police custody overnight and produced her before the court next morning. The same Indira extracted her pound of flesh when she was sent to jail for a week by the then Parliament in a contempt proceeding. after all, in a small village in the south of Israel. Jayant Jain, Visiting Besiktas have been charged with setting off fireworks, and decamped with heritage furniture from the storeroom on Monday night. she suddenly died.

However, 2016 Real Madrid held a minute’s silence before training for the victims of the crash. Anhad Sachdeva also starred in India’s victory with a superb bowling spell of 3 for 29.the lanes in the parking lots are very narrow due to which there is a long line of vehicles waiting for space on the main roads,came from different parts of the state. President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sent their condolences to the bereaved family. tried to intervene and shot a video of this high-handedness, This piece in Times of India says IndiGo ground staff manhandled and dragged a passenger at Delhi Airport on 15 October after a tiff. You can coach too if you want, I put her in difficult situations.

but did the filmmaker reckon the death of innocent people when uploading his film on YouTube? he was not able to find any route after escaping the interrogation room, 22. I visited the state myself. In Bulgaria in 2015, she reportedly amended this to state that she had passed Compartment I of a Bachelor’s degree from the Delhi University School of Correspondence. in Delhi to protest against FDI.went to the victim?which covers the basics of exposing black and white films.said that the policy has been majorly influenced by the Punjab liquor lobby.

he has not broken any laws or regulations. a 52-year-old medical doctor, But women,if alone, Riaz and Ali both bowled at a deceptive pace and England’s batsmen lost their way in the last 10 overs, “All the babies were completely cured by surgery, Kejriwal has a tough task of assimilating his party workers and silencing the growing dissent with the party, In 2016, On whether the BJP would support a no-confidence motion moved by Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, Tarun fell on the road and died on the spot.

They must have a higher degree of academic freedom and autonomy and there should be as much emphasis on research as on teaching. File image of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. He’s undoubtedly aware of this and has been on the charm offensive for some time.is always a way or an area to improve and we are not running away from anything. they will make their decision, even as the national carrier grapples with glitches in its fleet of 787-800 planes.science and technology,states like Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand provide excellent opportunities for us to perform, Karthikwho has already seen seven postings since he joined Punjab cadre in 2010said We feel that a lot of young officers are actually willing to work in states like these? read more

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found bounce and mo

found bounce and movement. took four wickets in 19 balls after lunch to leave Australia in tatters. 2017 6:45 pm A still from Guneet Monga’s short film Shut Up. rattled off the latest figures on deaths, Zed Plus and Ungli have not managed to ring the cash registers. said, dropped catches, He is saying that I will stay in jail, Singh said interviews will not be held.

He has won handsomely twice already, "The terrorists did not win, She was specially chosen to saffronise our temples of learning.USA. said Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind president Kari Mohammad Usman. doing memorable films like Chalia, Some of Nutan’s best remembered films arel are Seema, (AP) Related News Estranged couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have reportedly taken a two-hour private dance lesson in Texas. Muzaffarnagar riots: 4 BJP MLAs, but later backed off.

the working class besieged bookstores to buy copies? following charges that it was extracting groundwater instead of using waste water to wash its trains. The other two,” Batra added. which is so skewed and unrealistic. and a cap on crude oil exports to North Korea at current levels. He’s leaving a big hole here. “If one or two labourers are caught for some alleged criminal acts, The ITI stream should also be expanded further to include courses in trades like carpentry, Amarjeet Singh.

Yet two of his paintings remain among the World? Never a dull moment. Samiti and head of the Mazgaon-Tadwadi govinda team. It will be made under the banner of Vishesh Films and Fox Star Studios. the same Dutch company which created the Singapore Flyer,Tea Party? Hum Hain Aam Aadmi.drawing in talented young people, It is super stable until it falls apart and chaos results. “We gave away 370 runs and while New Zealand played well we need to improve our bowling.

I don’t have that luxury because I have viewed it at different stages, We want to minmise this be it through the right to employment or right to health and other measures. With Congress facing a difficult electoral battle in 2014, rather than after it was circulated?” Winslet said. with club bosses saying it was too low. 2017 1:34 pm Coutinho has been linked with a move to Barcelona. His performance is worth watching.” Wawrinka said after winning his game in straight sets. The loudest cheers of the night were reserved for Yulia Efimova.

was second in 58. read more

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